How to organise the best group ski trip to Morzine

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Everything's better with friends, and a group ski trip to Morzine is no exception. Fantastic powder days, breath-taking landscapes, a beautiful Morzine accommodation, and a good apres session with friends is unbeatable. And you will create memories together that will last a lifetime.

Ski trips are an absolute blast as a group, but there's a catch: Planning a ski holiday to the French Alps can be tricky when you have to coordinate a group of people. Add that to arranging accommodation, ski passes and reservations and it can be a lot to handle. With so much involved, it's easy to get overwhelmed or forget something important. Organisation is key. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to plan the best group ski trip to Morzine ever!

DIY group ski trip to Morzine

While it can be tempting to enlist the help of a travel agent or book an inclusive package, don't give in. You've got this! Organising group ski trips yourself may take some extra work. That said, it's well worth it to cater to your group's specific wants and needs.

Divide the tasks up between members of the group to take the stress off you. Have a planning night or group video call to discuss everyone's roles and check in on progress. Design your group ski trip to Morzine the way that you want it. It's a good idea to select one person as the leader to keep a tally of everything and make sure there are no holes in your plan.

The best time of year to go skiing as a group

Photo by Keaton Dickinson on Unsplash

It’s usually easier to plan a group ski trip to Morzine during the holiday period. During Christmas and New Year, most people are off work or school. You can usually guarantee that the timing will work for the whole group. That said, the holiday period is the busiest and most expensive. It can be more complicated to arrange dinner reservations, activities and rent gear.

We'd recommend aiming to book in your Morzine accommodation in January or March. January is not as busy, yet still busy enough that the town has a good vibe. March brings sunny bluebird days and great opportunities for outdoor apres.

Getting there

The first thing to work out is how you are going to get there. Depending on the age range and needs of your group, you may need to opt for specific options for comfort's sake. Here are the different ways you can get to Morzine.

Fly – The closest airports to Morzine are Geneva, which is 80km away, or Chambery, which is 135km away. The easiest option would be to fly into Geneva. This airport offers the most transfer options to Morzine.

Train – There are no direct trains into Morzine, though you can get pretty close. You can access the Alps by train from either Paris, Lyon or Geneva.
The train from Geneva leaves from the central station. You'll need to take the Leman Express to Thonon-Les-Bains. Then you'll have to transfer to the local bus Line 91 SAT Leman which takes 40 minutes to Morzine.
From Paris, you'll take the TGV train to Cluses and then transfer to the Lihsa Line 91 bus. This bus will take about 40 minutes to Morzine.

Coach/Shuttle – The best option for a group ski trip to Morzine is to take a shuttle or coach. You can book it in advance, and it will take the whole group directly to Morzine from Geneva Airport. You can take a coach for as little as 10€, and it takes about 1hr and 30minutes. That said, a private shuttle won’t work out much more expensive if you split it between the group.

Morzine Accommodation

Organise the best group ski trip to Morzine

Image by Emeraldstay

If you're heading on a group ski trip to Morzine then booking your own chalet will allow everyone to stay in the same place. Coordinating multiple hotel rooms adds an extra headache to your planning. With a dreamy chalet accommodation available in Morzine, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

The chalets in Morzine are cosy, spacious and offer incredible views to wake up to. You can choose an area to stay in based on the vibe your group is going for.There are options in the heart of town, where you can enjoy the buzzing atmosphere. When you’re booking a chalet in the centre of the village here is what you should look for:

  • Where are the nearest ski lifts? The main lift in the village is Pleney, so look for something nearest to there.

  • Is there parking included?

  • Does it have the amenities your group needs, ie. catered or self-catered, fitness centre, full-size kitchen?

If your group is after some R&R and incredible mountain views you can opt for an out-of-town villa. When booking out of town make sure to look for:

  • Where is the nearest shuttle bus stop? There are 10 free shuttle networks and they run into town every 30 minutes.

  • What’s the closest main ski lift? If you’re on the south side of Morzine you’ll be nearest to the Super Morzine bubble lift.

  • Does it have the amenities your group needs, ie. ski storage, sauna, do they offer childcare options?

Group Activities

Besides the obvious - skiing - there are many other activities to enjoy on a group ski trip to Morzine. Depending on the group’s interests, here are some other options for your days off from skiing.

La Fruitiere L'Alpage – You can't leave France without trying some local cheeses. All the cheeses in this shop are made on site. You can tour the facility for free on Wednesday mornings and enjoy a few samples as well.

Parc des Dereches – This sports facility has an outdoor skating rink, indoor swimming pool and spa. It's got something to satisfy everyone's tastes in your group. You can head to the spa for some much-needed relaxation while the kids splash around in the pool.

Hiking – If you want to explore the area on foot, there's no shortage of walking trails. They are all well marked and cover the whole region. If you wish to explore along the valley or head up the mountain, you can spend hours on the trails. You can buy a pedestrian pass for the days you’re not skiing and even hire out all-terrain buggies for the kids.

Eating out as a group

Morzine is full of delicious and satisfying dining options. The key with dining on a group ski trip to Morzine is to book in advance. It's a busy village, and showing up without a reservation may mean you’ll have a hard time getting a table.Since Morzine attracts many people each year, there are lots of restaurants and bars that cater to groups. Here are some of the best places to eat out with your group.

Organise the best group ski trip to Morzine

Image by Forkly

La Grange – For some of the best fondue in Morzine, you've got to check out La Grange. It's right in the centre of the action and has enough seating for your whole group. And who doesn't love fondue?

Chez Nannon – You can't beat a midday lunch stop on the slopes at Chez Nannon. It's not huge, but big enough for small groups and the view is incredible. You'll definitely need to book in advance for this epic spot.

Hideout Hostel – The casual, fun atmosphere at Hideout Hostel is great for groups. They feature different pop-up venues each year with a vast selection of dishes. This year, they've got a Mexican menu, so head there for a fiesta with your group.

La Chamade – If its traditional French cuisine you’re after, take your group to La Chamade. It's got a large heated terrace as well as large tables inside to accommodate groups. They also have a cheese bar in the basement and a wine bar across the street.


We haven’t forgotten the bars. For apres, Morzine has some iconic venues if you’re on a group ski trip to Morzine.

Dixie Bar features three themed bars inside and often has live music. It's also got pool tables and TVs which screen popular sporting matches.

For those who want an outdoor party, Happy Hours Bar is right at the base of the Ardent cable car. They have a huge outdoor party every day, with DJ sets and live music.

Ski Passes and Equipment Hire

Organise the best group ski trip to Morzine

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

If you want to get your ski passes in advance, you can do so here, although it's not necessary. You won't pay a premium for purchasing them when you arrive, and it allows your group more flexibility. There may be those who don't want to ski every day. One day could have adverse weather conditions, and you'll want to hit the spa instead.

One thing you should book in advance on a group ski trip to Morzine is your gear. With groups, ideally, everyone should rent their equipment from the same place. It's much more straightforward.

So, it's a good idea to book in advance to ensure they have sizes for everyone. If you wait until you're there, they may have run out of sizes and members of your group might have to go elsewhere. The last thing you want is a "whose poles are whose" situation when you're trying to return your gear.

A group ski trip to Morzine is an experience of a lifetime. While it may seem like a logistical nightmare, you'll have no problems organising your group if you stick to this guide. Now go and have a fantastic time exploring the French Alps!

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