Tignes accomodation: discover our chalets and apartments

Together with the resort of Val d'Isere, the ski area of Tignes forms one of the must-see domains for a mountain holiday in the Alps: Espace Killy. The picturesque village of Tignes, in the Savoie region, is set in the heart of a lush natural environment with breathtaking scenery. It offers you a warm and friendly setting for your next holiday.

If you are still looking for the perfect accommodation for your next stay in this resort, don't hesitate to ask Emerald Stay for support.

We provide you with the best luxury rentals in Tignes so that you can spend unforgettable holidays in the centre of the Vanoise massif in Savoie.

Rent an apartment in Tignes for a stay with a small family. If you are travelling with several people or if you want to enjoy a spacious holiday residence, opt to rent a chalet in Tignes. The secret is simply to choose among the prestigious apartments and chalets offered by Emerald Stay, depending on your availability or the number of rooms you are looking for.

Discover your next holiday accommodation in Tignes

Le Lodge des Neiges in Tignes Emerald Stay
Le Lodge des Neiges in Tignes Emerald Stay
Le Lodge des Neiges in Tignes Emerald Stay
Le Lodge des Neiges

Luxury and comfort in Tignes

Hokkaido in Tignes Emerald Stay
Hokkaido in Tignes Emerald Stay
Hokkaido à Tignes Emerald Stay

Modern apartments within walking distance from the centre of Tignes

How to find the best accommodation in Tignes?

Short of ideas for your next high mountain destination? Why not choose the ski resort of Tignes? This area belonging to the Espace Killy is indeed a great option for discovering the Alps and Savoie. Through Emerald Stay, you can select the ideal holiday accommodation from among the most prestigious rentals in the region.

In addition, this village is made up of several hamlets with undeniable charm that will provide a total change of scenery. Les Brevieres, Tignes Val Claret, Tignes le Lac, Tignes les Boisses..., make your choice for the location of your holiday rental in the heart of the resort. Then, count on Emerald Stay to list the best and most prestigious apartments and chalets available within the area.

Plus, our concierge team - available 7 days a week - will listen to your needs and guide you to the best solution for you. With Emerald Stay, find your ski apartment in Tignes or your chalet with spacious rooms in the centre of an authentic village.

Don't hesitate to contact us for practical information about the resort or for a professional opinion on the accommodation you should select according to your expectations (number of bedrooms and bathrooms, available equipment, presence of a swimming pool, balcony or parking, location within this area, proximity to the slopes and activities...).

Why choose an Emerald Stay accommodation for your next holiday in Tignes?

Emerald Stay is the ideal partner for finding the right luxury apartment or chalet in the ski resort of Tignes. As a specialist in luxury rentals in the Alps, our team can help you find the most beautiful apartments and chalets in the region. We can help you find the ideal holiday home for your next stay in this village.

apartment in the centre of the village, chalet in a quiet area such as Tignes le Lac or Tignes Val Claret, prestigious residence in the Brevieres, luxury accommodation near the ski lifts, etc. Tell us what you want and we will help you find the best rental in the resort.

However, Emerald Stay's strength lies in its quality. We are not only talking about the apartments and chalets available.. We are also talking about the facilities that make up these properties. In fact, the rooms are equipped with top-of-the-range linen and top-quality mattresses for a comfortable night's sleep. In each bathroom, you will also find sustainable toiletries.

Depending on your choice, you can also enjoy wellness facilities in your exceptional chalet in Tignes. This is because some of our properties have the presence of an indoor swimming pool, hot tub, hammam or sauna. You can also choose your apartment in Tignes according to its own characteristics (layout of the rooms, presence of a balcony or terrace, covered parking, etc.).

To fully appreciate the layout of the rooms, you can consult the illustrative photos that accompany our rentals. The same applies to the information sheets which detail the specific features of your apartment or chalet in the resort. While the private concierge service is available on request. This includes a number of services: mid-week cleaning (for a stay of more than 7 nights), booking ski lessons and equipment, organising dinner or home delivery of meals, massage sessions, etc.

Tignes accommodation - what type of property to choose?

The Savoie and the Alps in general are an ideal destination for a ski holiday. This is especially true if you choose the Espace Killy, which is home to a number of world-renowned slopes. Similar to the neighbouring resort (Val d'Isere), this area also has a few gems. To discover them, and to fully enjoy your experience in the Alps, however, you should not take your choice of holiday accommodation lightly.

With Emerald Stay, you are guaranteed to find a luxury rental that meets your needs. For a romantic weekend away, consider a beautiful apartment nestled in the centre of the village, close to the shops and the resort's main activities.

For a family holiday, a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment may also be suitable. A location close to the slopes and ski lifts may be a good idea in this case.

If you're looking for a larger property, consider the prestigious chalets in Tignes. A chalet with a breathtaking view of the resort and its surroundings will satisfy your desire for a change of scenery. Emerald Stay's selection includes the most beautiful chalets in the area, with as many bedrooms as bathrooms.

In short, the choice of your holiday accommodation depends mainly on your requirements. So don't hesitate to share them with private concierge team. They will help you to find the apartment or chalet of your dreams in the area.

Why organise your next holidays in Tignes?

There are many different reasons to come to the Alps for your next mountain holiday. The quality of the slopes, the variety of landscapes, the purity of the air... These are just some of the advantages that can be mentioned. You will also find these characteristics at the heart of the resort.

In fact, the Espace Killy - which includes the Tignes-Val d'Isere ski area - is one of the largest in the world, with no less than 300 km of pistes. For the resort of Tignes in particular, they range in altitude from 1550 m (at the Brevieres) to 3456 m (highest point found at the Grande Motte glacier in the Vanoise massif).

In addition, the resort  is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday. There are plenty of activities to do and they are accessible to all. For example, consider a diversion to the Tignes-Champagny National Nature Reserve or the Vanoise National Park to discover the exceptional natural heritage of Savoie.

This area is also a privileged destination for lovers of outdoor activities. From Tignes le Lac, explore Pala'fou (3 km of sledging run called Expedition Cobra) for family fun. Similarly, stand up paddle on the natural lake of Tignes will certainly delight teenagers (especially in summer). The more courageous will enjoy ice diving on the same lake, which is located in the centre of the village.

To be as close as possible to your favourite activities, there is nothing better than to choose a holiday rental ideally located within the ski resort. Depending on your needs, choose an apartment at the foot of the slopes or a chalet near the ski lifts. Ask Emerald Stay for support if you need more information or expert advice to make an informed choice.

Where to stay in Tignes?

The resort is home to a multitude of apartments and chalets available for rent. However, by using Emerald Stay to select your accommodation, you can be sure that you will have an exceptional apartment or chalet during your stay. Choosing the location of your accommodation should not be done casually. This factor can greatly influence your experience in the Alps.

So, which area to choose for a holiday here? In reality, there are a number of small villages with undeniable charm to choose from.

Firstly, consider Tignes le Lac which is the centre of the resort. Its wide open spaces and beautiful scenery give this hamlet an air of white paradise nestled in the high mountains. There are many fun activities to choose from here so you can enjoy the snow to the full (downhill skiing, off-piste, snowboarding, telemark, etc.). However, Tignes le Lac is also an ideal starting point for original activities such as heli-skiing or snowkiting.

In addition, you have the authentic village of Brevieres to welcome you during your next stay in this resort. It is located at the foot of the dam at an altitude of 1550m. Traditional chalets and large wooded areas are combined here to give a unique charm to this hamlet. You can certainly make the most of this exceptional natural setting by choosing a chalet or apartment with a panoramic view for your holiday accommodation. As Tignes les Brevieres is also served by the Tignes-Val d'Isere ski lifts, you will have no trouble reaching the slopes that inspire you most.

Then there's Tignes Val Claret - a party area in this Alpine resort. It's a great option if you're more interested in apres-ski. Indeed, Tignes Val Claret is home to both great slopes, restaurants and various facilities to help you create a unique experience during your stay in Savoie.

Another option is to choose a luxury apartment or chalet in Tignes les Boisses 1800. This is the resort's new village which opened in 2013. Right in the centre of the ski area, Les Boisses offers an authentic mountain atmosphere that will certainly brighten up your day. Especially since the stone and wood chalets for which Tignes 1800 is famous have a major advantage: their proximity to the slopes of the Tignes-Val d'Isere area.

What to do in Tignes during winter?

Winter holidays in the Alps are particularly good for snow activities. A stay in the resort of Tignes would certainly be the perfect time to discover the various alpine ski slopes. However, it should also be noted this area allows the most experienced skiers to practice freestyle in the snowpark or freeride on the Leisse piste (at the Grande Motte glacier, the emblem of the resort of Tignes).

Of course, this does not prevent you from indulging in more traditional activities such as snowshoeing, of which several itineraries are accessible from Tignes le Lac. You can also take advantage of this opportunity for a magical encounter with sled dogs. During a walk, you will have the opportunity to discover the village in a different way, while creating unforgettable memories in the Alps.

During your ski holiday in Savoie, you can also opt for mountain biking on snow. This is a perfect activity to enjoy the joys of skiing in a much more sensational way. The most daring will try the famous speed riding, especially from Tignes le Lac. This combines mini-sailing and skiing for a unique experience in the Alps.

If you need information or ideas about what to do during your stay in the resort in winter, don't hesitate to ask the Emerald Stay team for help. We are also available to help you select the perfect apartment or chalet to make your stay in Savoie a real pleasure.

What to do in Tignes during summer?

In the Alps, outdoor activities are the order of the day during the summer. The resort of Tignes in particular is an essential destination for those who come to take a deep breath and recharge their batteries in the high mountains. For a change of scenery and comfort during your stay, nothing beats renting a prestigious apartment or chalet with a breathtaking view of the area and its sublime landscape.

By selecting from Emerald Stay's range of luxury rentals, you can be sure that your stay will be in accommodation that meets your needs. To make sure you make the right choice between the most beautiful apartments and chalets, all you have to do is make a list of your requirements (location within the ski resort, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, balcony and terrace, covered parking and swimming pool, etc.).

You can choose the location of your holiday accommodation according to the summer activities you wish to do. Tignes les Brevieres, Tignes le Lac, Tignes Val Claret, Tignes les Boisses..., the decision is yours. In any case, the list of activities available to you for your stay during the summer season is extensive. Amongst the must-do activities, there is the walk through the Vanoise National Park, close to the Tignes-Val d'Isere area. It offers the most beautiful hikes in the middle of nature.

Another possibility is to try rock climbing during your stay in the region. You can practice it indoors at the Tignespace sports centre. But it is also possible to go to the dedicated climbing sites to take advantage of the good weather to get some height. The Chevril rock, close to the domain, is a possible option to admire a breathtaking view over the village.

If you are more of a via ferrata enthusiast, the Tignes-Val d'Isere area also has several sectors that can accommodate you. Roc de Toviere, Plates de la Daille, Les Beittieres, Roc du vent..., they are perfect to discover the pleasure of climbing.

Where to ski in Tignes?

Tignes-Val d'Isere is one of the best ski resorts in the Northern Alps. Formerly known as Espace Killy, it includes two internationally renowned resorts. During your stay in this beautiful part of the Savoie, you have 300 km of playground at your disposal, spread over more than 150 slopes. The slopes overlook the two mountain villages of Tignes and Val d'Isere between 1550 m and 3450 m altitude. The Espace Killy is also home to the famous face de Bellevarde, an Olympic run at an altitude of 1,848 m to 2,807 m.

The huge variety of slopes on offer makes the Tignes-Val d'Isere area an ideal choice for a family holiday. During your stay in the centre of the resort, you will have the opportunity to get off to a good start on the green slope of Tignes Lavachet. Thanks to the Bollin chairlift, you can also reach the eponymous slope which is close to Tignes Val Claret.

If you want to venture to the Val d'Isere side, take the Borsat chairlift. Of course, the resort also offers a more remarkable skiing experience thanks to its 18 red runs and 10 black runs. The mythical Double M run awaits you, among others, for a descent from the summit of the Grande Motte (at an altitude of 3,653 m) with a difference in altitude of 1,400 m. In addition, you can easily access the Aiguille Rouge sectors from Tignes les Brevieres to explore the Northern Alps further.

In any case, the Tignes-Val Claret area enjoys exceptional snow conditions throughout the ski season. This Savoie resort is among the first to open its doors (from November). The ski lifts make it easy to get around the Espace Killy centre, but also to the neighbouring resorts. Emerald Stay also recommends renting a luxury apartment or chalet with ski-in-ski-out access or close to the lifts for an even more enjoyable stay.

What to do in Tignes if we don’t ski?

A holiday in the Northern Alps is mainly about outdoor activities. If you don't ski, don't worry. The resort has plenty of options so you don't have to spend your whole holiday in your room. For example, Emerald Stay recommends a tandem paragliding flight to admire the beautiful area of Tignes-Val d'Isere.

If you want to keep your feet on the ground, snow hiking is another way to discover Savoie. Whether you choose to go snowshoeing from Tignes le Lac, horse riding or pony trekking from the village centre or snowmobiling from Tignes Val Claret, you will enjoy a unique experience in the heart of a preserved nature.

For speed lovers, a stay in this resort also offers a great opportunity to try ice driving. On board a quad bike or a buggy, you could fill up with adrenaline on the dedicated routes, especially those of Tignes les Brevieres. You will also find various sites suitable for ice climbing. There is the one in Tignes 1800, but also those in the neighbouring villages (La Daille, La Raie, La Savinaz, Le Mone...).

On the other hand, if you are looking for relaxing activities, why not go to the aquatic space Le Lagon? Slide, counter-current swimming, bubble bed, waterfall, etc., young and old will certainly find something to enjoy.

How to get to Tignes?

There are several options for getting to this resort.

  • By car: start by taking the A430 Chambery-Albertville motorway, then take the 2X2 road to Moutiers, the N90 to Bourg-Saint-Maurice and the D902 to Tignes.

  • Bus: various bus lines will take you to Tignes from Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Chambery or the airports of Geneva, Lyon and Grenoble.

  • Train: Tignes is served by the Bourg-Saint-Maurice station, located about 40 minutes from the village centre.

  • By plane: 4 international airports are close to the Tignes ski area (Lyon Saint-Exupery, Geneva, Chambery and Grenoble).

For your convenience, Emerald Stay is able to organise transfers to and from the airport of your choice on request. This service is available day and night.