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Blog French Alps January 2019

Discover some of our top picks in Morzine

It’s autumn and we’re occupied with the usual seasonal fundamental questions:

  • What are the best adjectives to convey the beauty of the trees changing colors?

  • Which one of our colleagues has the best shot at growing a beautiful crop of facial hair for Movember?

  • Most importantly, at what point can one enjoy the first fondue of the season?

But that’s not all. We’ve also been exploring every inch of Morzine to search out the station’s many secrets. Summer is over and so are our fishing days at Montriond Lake – or we should rather say fishing-attempt days. Anyways, we are getting ready as winter is coming, isn’t it Jon? You too should have already gathered the 10 things to pack for your winter holidays. And if you wonder what to do in this resort apart from enjoying your cozy Morzine accommodation, and aren’t looking for the “been there, done that” type of activities, these 3 top picks of ours should really fit the bill.

Morzine for cheese lovers

The entrance of La Fruitiere des Perrieres in Les Gets

The entrance of La Fruitiere des Perrieres in Les Gets | ©savoie-mont-blanc

La Fruitiere des Perrieres

Nature’s beautiful and magical. Les Gets is one of these unique places where grass becomes cheese. Well, sort of. Ok, let us explain. Holy cows graze on pastures in Les Gets. Their milk is brought to La Fruitiere des Perrieres where the cheesemonger makes the magic happen since over 100 years. Tada! Just like that, Abondance, Tomme des Gets, Raclette and many other cheeses see the light of day. If you don’t believe us, come and check it out yourself during one of the guided tours of the cheese factory! If you’re lucky enough, the cheesemonger will share some of his secrets. Guided tours are free of charge every Wednesday.

What to do in Morzine when you’re feeling artsy

Pottery making at La Poterie Artisanale in Les Gets

Pottery making at La Poterie Artisanale in Les Gets | ©savoie-mont-blanc

La Poterie Artisanale des Gets

This is your chance to show what you can do without the help of a computer. Nathalie and Anouk are the pottery experts. Come to one of their workshops for adults and children. If you don’t dare bringing your art back home, we thought you’d be relieved to know they sell their creations at Les Gets market every Thursday morning. We promise we won’t say a word.

Culture before anything

A wall made of slate by L'ardoisiere des 7 Pieds

A wall made of slate by L'ardoisiere des 7 Pieds | ©Ardoisiere des 7 Pieds

L’Ardoisiere des 7 Pieds

Did you know that before being known as a ski resort, Morzine was famous for its « ardoisiers » or slate manufacturers? True story. L’Ardoisiere des 7 Pieds is one of the last ones in the region and does every step of the slate manufacture: from extracting the raw materials to posing the final product. Guided tours are available. So, ready for some craftsmanship journey?

We’ve been literally inundated with zero emails asking us what the deal is with pottery or slate manufacture in Morzine. But we’ve been asked countless times what to do in Morzine.

We therefore believe it was only fair to give you, our dear readers, extra color on these off-the-beaten-path activities.

Enjoy these alternative entertainment options in a luxury Morzine accommodation!

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