Ibiza accommodation: discover our unique villas

Villa Mazari in Ibiza
Villa Mazari in Ibiza
Villa Mazari in Ibiza
Villa Mazari in Ibiza
Villa Mazari in Ibiza
Villa Serenidad in Ibiza
Villa Serenidad in Ibiza
Villa Serenidad in Ibiza

Why choose an Emerald Stay accommodation for your next holiday in Ibiza?

Looking for the best accommodation on the popular and vibrant island of Ibiza? Emerald Stay ensures that your holiday rental experience exceeds expectations. Our selection includes top-of-the-range apartments, houses, villas close to the beach with beautiful gardens, providing a unique and unforgettable stay on the most popular island of Spain. Whether you prefer an accommodation on a charming town of Spain, the coast or on the beach side with great sea view, our goal is to make your stay an  exceptional.

With Emerald Stay, you're sure to find the accommodation of your dreams on the beautiful island of Ibiza, in the Balearic Islands, Spain, on your next holiday! We offer you top-of-the-range apartments, houses and villas for a unique stay in Ibiza, the most popular island of Spain. Contact us to enjoy the great island of Ibiza, as well as our many à la carte services. 

At Emerald Stay, we prioritize offering the best stay and accommodation in Ibiza. From luxurious apartments with stunning beach view and great rooms, to villas nestled in the pine hills of Spain, each accommodation is carefully selected to provide a great level of comfort during your stay. We understand the importance of an unforgettable stay during your holiday. You can expect nothing less than the best during your stay with us.

At Emerald Stay, our aim is to offer you the best stay possible during your holiday. Houses with gardens and a view, apartment, villa, top-of-the-range loft: in Ibiza, Spain, we offer you the most prestigious apartment and best villas of the island. Whether you decide to visit a little town of Spain, the coast, or spend your holiday near the beach with the best sea view, we have just one aim: to make your stay on the island of Ibiza unforgettable! It's important for us that you leave with great memories.

To enhance your stay in Ibiza, Emerald Stay provides access to a private concierge service throughout your stay in Spain to cater to every need: from airport transportation to a range of services during your stay. Our inclusive offers extend beyond the rental, such as diving courses on the beach, boat trips to hidden coves, exclusive spa sessions for ultimate relaxation. Additionally, we can arrange meal deliveries to your room or the expertise of a Michelin-starred chefs to prepare a gourmet feast right at your accommodation. 

Emerald Stay stands out as the best choice for discerning travelers seeking unparalleled holiday rentals on the captivating island of Ibiza in Spain. Our commitment to excellence extends to the meticulously designed rooms within each accommodation, ensuring a relaxing and luxurious retreat on the island. The bed rooms boast top-tier mattresses, complemented by high-quality sheets and towels. We prioritize sustainability by offering 100% ecological hygiene products in our bath rooms, promoting a sense of well-being and environmental responsibility.

Whether you're basking in the Mediterranean setting or exploring a charming town of Spain, your comfort is our priority. With air-conditioned spaces, you'll find solace in the cool interiors of our properties after sun-drenched days on the best beaches of the island of Ibiza.  

When you choose Emerald Stay for your island getaway to Ibiza, your holiday is synonymous with personalized luxury and convenience. Take advantage of our detailed rental offers, allowing you to tailor your experience based on preferences. Whether it's an apartment with a terrace for panoramic views or a villa with indoor pool and sauna, the choice is yours. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the accommodations, with 7 days a week availability of our travel assistants. They are ready to address your every need and ensure that your stay in Ibiza is not only good but truly great. As the renowned capital of partying and nightlife, Ibiza offers more than just popular clubs. Uncover the island's UNESCO World Heritage sites, explore vibrant markets, and enjoy the warmth of friendly locals. From crystal-clear waters to captivating caves, Ibiza beckons as a haven of relaxation and cultural discovery, and Emerald Stay is your gateway to this enchanting experience. 

In order to guarantee you a great stay in Ibiza, we take great care in selecting our accommodation on the island. Whether in terms of furnishings, decoration, equipment or bedding, each accommodation offers a unique level of comfort. You'll find luxury apartments with great beach views, or villas set against the pine hills that are typical of the coast. 

When staying in our best residences on the island of Ibiza, the allure extends beyond the natural beauty of the Balearic Islands. The interior of each villa is thoughtfully designed to create a home away from home during your stay. All our accommodations are air-conditioned, providing a cool and refreshing retreat after a day of exploration.

At Emerald Stay, we believe that your holiday in Ibiza should be synonymous with well-being. Disconnect from the ordinary and recharge your batteries on the best beaches of the island, or relax by the pool with a cocktail in hand. Some of our properties even feature a dedicated relaxation area, complete with jacuzzi and spas. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Ibiza lifestyle and forget your daily worries as you explore the stunning white sandy beaches of the Balearic archipelago.

Planning your stay is made easy with Emerald Stay. Our detailed rental offers for Ibiza provide comprehensive information, allowing you to choose accommodations that suit your preferences.

Whether you desire an apartment with a terrace and covered parking, a villa with a sauna and indoor pool, or proximity to the beach for a starlit night, we have the perfect property for you. Customize your visit by selecting the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and additional services to guarantee a unique and unforgettable stay.

As well as the undeniable charm of our Ibiza accommodations (house with garden, luxury villa and modern apartment), to make your stay in Ibiza as pleasant as possible, we give you access to a private concierge service during your stay in Spain. Starting from your transportation to and from the airport, you'll be able to benefit from a wide range of services throughout your stay. 

Our dedicated teams of travel assistants are available 7 days a week to address all your inquiries during your holiday in Ibiza. They will accompany you throughout your stay, ensuring you make the most of your long-awaited visit to this enchanting island. Should you have any questions about our services or accommodations, feel free to reach out. Embark on your journey to the Balearic Islands and book your stay in Ibiza with Emerald Stay to discover the diverse wonders beyond the island's renowned nightlife. Explore UNESCO World Heritage sites, popular beaches, vibrant markets, crystal-clear waters that make Ibiza a true paradise in the east of Spain.

In addition to the villa you’ll be renting, our private concierge can organise diving courses to explore the sea bed on the beach, a boat trip to discover hidden coves & bays or a massage and spa session for some well-deserved relaxation during your stay. On request, we can also arrange for your meals to be delivered, or for a Michelin-starred chef to come to your accommodation and prepare the gourmet dish of your choice on the spot.

If your holiday rental on the island of Ibiza is for over 7 nights, a mid-week cleaning service is included for all our accommodation options. However, if you wish, you can also contact the Emerald Stay team for additional services.

When you stay in one of our top-of-the-range residences in Ibiza, you'll undoubtedly be seduced by the natural beauty of the Balearic Islands in a Mediterranean setting, as well as by the peaceful little towns of Spain. But that's not all! While the scenery is undeniably magnificent, so is the interior of each of our villas! Each of the rooms are designed to please and make your stay feel at home during your holiday. The mattresses in our bed rooms, as well as the sheets and towels, are of the highest quality, and 100% ecological hygiene products are available in our bath rooms. What's more, all our accommodation is air-conditioned.

With Emerald Stay, your holiday on the island of Ibiza is synonymous with well-being. You can disconnect from ordinary life and recharge your batteries on the best beaches of the island, while relaxing near the pool with a cocktail in your hand. Some of our properties even have a relaxation area. What better way to spend a holiday than relaxing to the rhythm of the bubbles in a jacuzzi, or a day well spent at the spa? Forget your daily worries and visit the magnificent white sandy beaches of the Ibiza island in the Balearic archipelago.

At Emerald Stay, we provide a detailed sheet for all our rental offers on the island of Ibiza. This will allow you to choose, according to your criteria, which accommodation to put your luggage down in. 

Would you like an apartment with a terrace with a view and covered parking? The best villa with sauna and indoor pool? Do you dream of staying just a stone's throw from the beach and the coast, so you can enjoy a starlit night? Whatever your tastes and desires, we have the right property for you. You decide everything about your visit: the number of bed rooms or bath rooms, availability of the facilities, the extra services, etc. We guarantee that your stay will be unique and unforgettable.  

Our teams of travel assistants, with 7 days a week availability, will respond to all your requests during your holiday in Ibiza. They will accompany you throughout your holiday in Ibiza, Spain, and do everything they can to ensure that you enjoy your long-awaited stay on the island to the fullest. If you have any questions about our services or our accommodation, don't hesitate to contact them.

Set off for the Balearic Islands of Spain by booking your stay in Ibiza with Emerald Stay! Best known and internationally popular among adults for being the capital of partying and night life, the island of Ibiza is home to much more than just popular clubs. Come and discover this little corner of paradise and its beach life. Ibiza, located in the east of Spain, with its UNESCO World Heritage sites, popular beaches and the best coast, hippy markets, city centre and museums, friendly habitants, caves and, of course, its crystal-clear water.