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You will gain peace of mind by entrusting us with the keys to your top-of-the-range tourist accommodation. We take care of all aspects of the lease and offer private concierge services appreciated by the customers we covet. Our innovative solution allows our owners to improve their properties' occupancy rate and profitability.

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The awards and recognition we’re proud of:

Best leisure property management company in 2021, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Best leisure property management company in 2021, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Sustainability in 2022, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Sustainability in 2022, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Superhost on Airbnb for all of our properties since our launch (average of 4.8/5.0 for hundreds of reviews)

Superhost on Airbnb for all of our properties since our launch (average of 4.8/5.0 for hundreds of reviews)

A Net Promoter Score of 55 to date, one of the highest in our industry

A Net Promoter Score of 55 to date, one of the highest in our industry

Great Place to Work® in 2022 by the experts in workplace culture

Great Place to Work® in 2022 by the experts in workplace culture

B Corp® certified since 2022, recognizing our social and environmental work including 100% carbon compensation

Baqueira Beret property management

6 reasons to trust us

Take advantage of a turnkey service to easily manage your apartment or chalet and improve its profitability. Our private concierge solution guarantees you serene management of your rental investment in the Pyrenees.

1. We manage your rental from A to Z

By entrusting us with the keys to your residence, you don't have to worry about anything. We are involved in every stage of the short-term rental process, from advertising to welcoming guests and doing maintenance.

2. We optimise occupancy rates

With us, owners earn on average 30% more than by entrusting their chalet or apartment to a real estate agency because we follow in real time the evolution of the market demand to adjust our offers and rates.

3. We guarantee you a peaceful rental

We don't give the keys to your property to just anyone! We check the identity of our clients and take a security deposit before they move in. We also have insurance to cover all risks.

4. We pay you a net and definitive income

You will receive the income generated by your chalet or apartment every quarter. This income is net and final as we take care of the payment of costs and charges. You can track your income directly from the owner's app.

5. You are advised to VAT recovery

We structure tax-optimised contracts. We are experts in VAT and one of the only companies in Spain that structures its operations to optimise the taxation of the owners it works with, whether in Lleida or in other territories outside Catalonia. Our rental contracts comply with all VAT and withholding tax regulations, and allow you to deduct the VAT on the costs of your home.

6. You continue to use your property

Want to ski in Baqueira Beret, in the Val d'Aran, or simply admire the stunning view from your chalet and apartment? Check the availability of your chalet or apartment from your owner's app and block the dates you want. It's quick and easy! So you can keep the pleasure of your investment.

Investing in Baqueira Beret, the chic resort of the Pyrenees

For investors looking for a good investment in the mountains of Spain, Baqueira Beret, in the Val d'Aran, is the trendy resort to bet on at the moment. Its main strong point? A "very Alpine" upmarket positioning combined with a "very Pyrenean" property market.

The resort that has been nicknamed the Courchevel of the Pyrenees has all the codes of the most exclusive resorts of the Alps while offering a much more affordable price per square metre since it is in line with the Pyrenean market.

At the end of the day, the best-placed and equipped luxury chalets with a considerable number of bedrooms, a large living room and parking space are rarely negotiated above 5000 €/m2 and one million euros for a house of 180 to 200 m2. An unthinkable price in the equivalent Alpine resorts! And apartment experiences similar price discrepancies when compared to the Alps.

Just as Lionel Messi invested in a 4-star hotel in Baqueira Beret or Moët & Chandon opened its restaurant and champagne bar there, the bank Goldman Sachs was not mistaken. By providing financial support for the vast Pleta Arriu luxury real estate programme to be launched in 2021 in the resort, the bank has given a strong signal to all investors about Baqueira Beret's potential for very high-end seasonal rentals, as well as hotel investment.

Around 38 houses with exceptional facilities are being built in the La Pleta area, where luxury hotels and luxury residences already stand side by side, such as the "King's House", a chalet with typical Pyrenean architecture made of grey stone and slate, which for a long time was served as a hotel to Juan Carlos I's family. The arrival of these new, unusual residences is already a source of pride for the resort and demonstrates that it has no reason to be jealous of its Alpine counterparts. 

Baqueira Beret, the new Eldorado of skiing in Europe?

For a long time presented as the king's favourite resort in the Val d'Aran, Baqueira Beret is now freeing itself from this image of tradition to confidently turn towards Europe, not hiding its ambition to win customers from the most beautiful Savoyard resorts.

Baqueira Beret may be a Spanish ski resort, but because it is located in the Val d'Aran, on the border of the Haute-Garonne and Ariege departments makes it particularly attractive to French customers, which the Val d'Aran and Baqueira Beret tourist office rightly identified by opening a few years ago a branch in Bordeaux and another in Toulouse.

A winning strategy since the French already represent 20% of Baqueira Beret's clientele and the Pink City is only a 2-hour drive from this ski area when Barcelona is 4 hours away and Madrid 6.5 hours. In fact, by landing at Toulouse-Blagnac international airport, travellers coming from Paris, London and elsewhere in Europe finally take as much time to come and ski in the Val d'Aran as they do to reach the Alpine resorts. 

Add to this the fact that Baqueira Beret, in Val d'Aran, Spain, has a well-equipped ski area suitable for all levels of skiers, a level of sunshine and snow cover that would make Mont Blanc envious, a breathtaking natural scenery, a typical Spanish way of life and a rental offer which is gaining in standing, it doesn't take much more to make you want to put down your spatulas and to offer yourself a really exotic ski holiday.


Baqueira Beret Property management Baqueira Beret Property Management | Emerald Stay

It's easy to trust Emerald Stay

I knew I could trust Emerald Stay from the beginning thanks to the great experience they have managing chalets in Spain and France. The reviews they receive in all of their properties across different destinations speak for themselves. And as an owner, I couldn’t be happier seeing my property being so well taken care of.

  • Ferran J.
  • Cardiologist, Barcelona

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All the answers to your questions

We currently have 16 chalets for rent in Baqueira Beret, in Val d'Aran in Spain, but we will soon have other properties to offer you, including luxury apartment in the heart of this Catalan Pyrenean resort. 

Absolutely, and we are one of the few players capable of doing so in the Catalan Pyrenees. We have developed real expertise in tax-free transactions by surrounding ourselves with the best advisors represented by the Spanish law firm CMS Albiñana y Suárez de Lezo. We are now perfectly placed to help you reclaim 10% of the purchase price of your Baqueira Beret chalet or apartment if it qualifies for this scheme. When you join Emerald Stay, you will receive personal advice and guidance from a member of our team to help you through the process. 

The most common ones are organising private airport transfers, booking ski lessons or equipment, and preparing a gourmet dinner at home or a massage at home. More specifically in Baqueira Beret, in the Val d'Aran, Spain, we offer other types of extras such as half board or breakfast service, but also the provision of wines selected by our sommelier or the arrangement of yoga classes.

We advertise our holiday rentals on all the major booking sites such as Airbnb, Expedia, and HomeAway. Over the years, we have built up an excellent reputation on these sites thanks to the enthusiastic feedback from our customers, which has resulted in our listings being highly visible. We have been awarded Super Host status on Airbnb and Preferred Partner status on Booking.

We also advertise on more confidential sites that are totally in line with the high-end and international clientele we target and we constantly inform our partner travel agencies of our stay opportunities.

Finally, as direct bookings are becoming more and more common, we are taking great care to improve the user experience on our own online booking platform and to improve the visibility of our website on search engines.

Whether it is an apartment or a chalet, we are always looking for prestigious second homes to offer our clients in the Alps or the Pyrenees. To find out if your chalet or apartment meets our quality standards, don't hesitate to request a rental simulation. You will be contacted very quickly by a member of our team who will check that your apartment or chalet meets our expectations. 

Our selection criteria are based as much on the qualities of the chalet or apartment (surface area, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, quality of the kitchen, presence of a balcony, terrace or garden, provision of a hot tub or sauna, wifi, etc.) as on where your chalet or apartment is located in the ski resort (unobstructed view, access to the slopes with skis on, presence of amenities and shops nearby, etc.).

We are also very attentive to the mindset of our owners. Above all, we seek to work with those who share our vision of excellence and prestigious real estate.

Facing bad guests is a major concern for any landlord and we do our utmost to protect ourselves from this risk by carefully selecting the guests who will have access to your apartment or chalet. Before handing over the keys, we carry out an identity check and take a deposit, which is a prerequisite for guests to have access to your chalet or apartment. 

During your stay, our team is available to deal with emergencies such as breakdowns or any other need requiring their intervention. 

To date, we have never had to deal with any damage beyond the normal wear and tear of the property or its equipment, but it is our responsibility to be prepared for any eventuality, which is why we have taken out a multi-risk civil liability insurance policy covering several million euros. You can be sure that whatever happens, we will be able to deal with it and return your property to you in the perfect condition in which you entrusted it to us.

Our owners receive their income quarterly, which gives us time to settle all charges and supplier invoices in advance. By doing this, our owners are not subject to re-invoicing, the amount paid to them is net and final.

They can follow the evolution of their income at any time from the owner app we have developed for them. On this same app, you can see any review written about your property or chalet, and see when your ski property is booked

Because we will relieve you of all the constraints and allow you to earn more! By entrusting us with the keys to your property, you delegate to us all the tasks that are usually the responsibility of owners of furnished tourist accommodation. We take care of everything, from advertising to welcoming guests and monitoring their stay. We also take care of the cleaning, maintenance and upkeep of your residence and we offer guests extras via our concierge service. It is a turnkey service that we offer you.

In addition to giving you peace of mind in the management of your rental property, we help you to improve its profitability. On average, our landlords earn 30% more by using us than by renting on their own or through an estate agent. The reason for this is simple: we have put in place management tools that allow us to adjust our rental rates to current demand. By always being well positioned in terms of prices (but without ever selling out our properties for a price below their worth) we manage to fill the booking calendar, even in the slowest periods of the year. 

We have chosen to surround ourselves with a team of experts in finance, hotels, luxury real estate and technology in order to offer an irreproachable quality of service to both our clients and our owners. Our know-how has been recognised by Shortyz, which awarded us the prize for best leisure asset manager, and by our owners, who have all renewed their trust in us to date. On top of that, the reviews we receive from guests who stayed in a chalet or apartment across our destinations in Spain, France and Morocco speak for themselves!

It is possible! If you are planning a trip to Baqueira Beret, in Val d'Aran, you can still use your own chalet or apartment. Even if you give us the keys to your property, it remains your property. As such, you are free to occupy it whenever you wish, as long as it is available. To find out, simply log on to the owner's app and check the booking calendar. Are the dates you are interested in not booked yet? Block them and enjoy your holiday home. It's quick and easy! What's more, if your property is eligible for the VAT recovery scheme, we will explain to you how to account for your personal stays in order to comply with the criteria of this scheme. We can't wait to welcome you to a ski stay!

It is us, and only us, who determine the price per night. In other words, in order to work with us, our owners have to agree to delegate this task to us so that we have complete freedom in setting the rates. Why do we do this? Simply so that you can earn more! 

Throughout the year, the demand for rentals in Baqueira Beret, in Spain, changes. This depends on the Spanish and French school calendar, sports events that take place in the resort, the weather of course and many other criteria. Our challenge is to determine the price that is most in line with current demand to encourage bookings. To do this, we have developed an algorithm that analyses more than forty real estate indicators and allows us to monitor and even anticipate market trends. This allows us to be reactive and adjust our prices to remain consistent with demand. This is why we must be free to act independently on the rental price of your property. But rest assured: we never sell off our properties! The rates we set are always in line with the quality of the rental property. 

If you are not prepared to trust us on this point, we will unfortunately not be able to work together.

We have set it at 3 years, with a possibility of early withdrawal at 12 months if you are not satisfied with our services.

From experience, we know that it takes between 18 and 24 months to reach the rental potential of a luxury mountain residence, simply because it takes time to attract the first clients, to take advantage of their recommendation via word-of-mouth and the reviews left on the internet and thus gain visibility with a wider clientele. We are working hard to achieve our goals as quickly as possible and we believe that our total commitment to you is worth your trust for at least 3 years. 

But we are confident in our ability to make you want to continue the adventure with us well beyond this period of commitment, as to date none of our owners has expressed the wish to leave us, because they are happy with how we operate, with their income and with the reviews written by guests about their property.

Absolutely! Sports events, major cultural events, festivals and fairs: everything that attracts visitors to the resort is taken into consideration when determining the price per night for your rental in Baqueira Beret, Spain. We also take into account the Spanish and French school holiday calendar, bridging days and weather conditions to refine our offers, always with the aim of renting your property at the highest possible rate. 

It all depends on the time of year. In high season, we prefer to rent by the week or more. And if there are gaps in the calendar between bookings, we create packages of smaller stays to maximise the occupancy rate of your chalet or apartment.

For less popular periods, we adapt to customers who enjoy spending a few days in Baqueira Beret, Spain, and grant access to bookings of 2 to 4 nights minimum depending on the property.

We ensure that we capture the available clientele at all times by maintaining excellent visibility of our listings on the various online booking platforms, by adapting our rates to demand and by informing our clients of current opportunities via targeted marketing operations. We do not hesitate to activate several tools to ensure that your property is rented for as long as possible, and at the best possible price, throughout the year.

As with all other aspects of the rental, we take care of the breakdown service for guests and any emergency intervention that may be required in your property. So if an appliance breaks down, there's a problem with the Wi-Fi reception or there's a leak, for example, you don't have to do anything, we'll take care of it! That's why we have a team on-site and another available remotely, reachable by phone 7 days a week.