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As we are already well established in the French Alps, we want to develop our high-end seasonal rental management offer in Saint-Gervais. Our new innovative concept has already won over many owners of prestigious chalets and apartments located in the most beautiful region of the French ski areas. In turn, you can improve the profitability of your property while freeing yourself from the constraints linked to the management of furnished tourist accommodation by entrusting us with its keys! With Emerald Stay, you will regain the pleasure of your land investment.

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We have developed a simulator in order to help you quickly know the possible profitability of your property.

This estimate is based on the knowledge of our local experts as well as on the actual profitability of our properties under management.


The awards and recognition we’re proud of:

Best leisure property management company in 2021, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Best leisure property management company in 2021, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Sustainability in 2022, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Sustainability in 2022, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Superhost on Airbnb for all of our properties since our launch (average of 4.8/5.0 for hundreds of reviews)

Superhost on Airbnb for all of our properties since our launch (average of 4.8/5.0 for hundreds of reviews)

A Net Promoter Score of 55 to date, one of the highest in our industry

A Net Promoter Score of 55 to date, one of the highest in our industry

Great Place to Work® in 2022 by the experts in workplace culture

Great Place to Work® in 2022 by the experts in workplace culture

B Corp® certified since 2022, recognizing our social and environmental work including 100% carbon compensation

B Corp® certified since 2022, recognizing our social and environmental work including 100% carbon compensation

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Saint-Gervais property management

6 reasons to trust us

Are you looking for a real estate agency to entrust your property management? We have much more to offer! Thanks to our global solution of seasonal rental management and private concierge, you will be able to improve the profitability of your apartment without doing anything since we take care of everything. Absolutely everything!

1. We are your complete guide and point of contact

We intervene closely and at all levels to ensure the lease of your property and its daily maintenance. Whatever happens, we'll take care of it!

2. We improve the profitability of your property

We follow market trends in real-time to rent your apartment or house at the highest possible price in all seasons and optimize its occupancy rate.

3. We take care to secure access to your property

Presence of an on-site manager, upstream customer identity verification, deposit, insurance: we do everything to guarantee you a friendly lease.

4. You receive a net and final income

We pay you each quarter the income generated by your property. These are net and final since we also pay the charges for you.

5. You are accompanied to recover the VAT

We have developed in-depth expertise in tax refund operations that we make available to you to recover 20% of the purchase value of your eligible apartment.

6. You stay at home whenever you want

Want to spend a weekend or a vacation on your property? Block the dates that interest you in the booking calendar of your owner app.

Saint-Gervais, the family and affordable resort

Between Mont Blanc and the thermal baths, Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains competes to attract visitors. Good news for investors: if the demand for seasonal rentals is present, the price per m2 in Saint-Gervais is much more reasonable than in neighbouring resorts.

Small family resort very popular with spa guests and high mountain enthusiasts, Saint-Gervais is not lacking in charm with its large family chalets that line the main arteries and its small shops that defend the Haute-Savoie art of living. No downtime in Saint-Gervais: the resort attracts people in both summer and winter to the delight of seasonal lease investors.

Unlike its neighbouring locations, Megeve and Chamonix, investing in Saint-Gervais are still very reasonable with anaverage price per m2 in size of the order of:

€ 3,976 for an apartment (prices ranging between € 2,340 and € 5,878/m2 depending on the nature of the property)

and € 5,919 for a chalet (with a variation ranging from € 3,484 to € 8,751/m2).

For many, owning real estate in Saint-Gervais, therefore, remains within the realm of possibility even if the price difference between this resort and the other flagship destinations of the Tarentaise is attracting more and more buyers, which is necessarily the most driving up the prices.

One of the best value for money in the region

With great demand for seasonal rentals sustained throughout the year and apartment prices still reasonable, Saint-Gervais naturally shows a desirable lease yield for investors in furnished tourist accommodation.

Let it be said: at present Saint-Gervais is one of the resorts near Haute-Savoie which has one of the best quality/price ratios: with prices that have remained reasonable but have nevertheless increased by 14.2% in 10 years, investors can be reassured about the profitability of their property in the event of resale. In the event of a seasonal rental, again, all the lights are green thanks to sustained demand, due to the presence of the Evasion Mont Blanc ski area, and permanent, generated in particular by the resort's thermal activity. And the company of a good rail network only supports this demand. Indeed, this resort is one of the few accessible directly by train thanks to its Saint-Gervais Le Fayet station, which easily connects Paris, Lyon or Geneva to its ski slopes with views of the alps. It is also from this station that the famous Tramway du Mont-Blanc, a legendary train that draws many visitors to visit the village each year.

With so many assets in its game, it is hard to see how Saint-Gervais will be able to maintain such an excellent real estate market for a long time to come, so now is the time to visit and take an interest in this pretty resort which has everything a great one, except the prices!


Real estate prices in Saint-Gervais: figures for December 1, 2021,

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Saint-Gervais Property management

Thank you Emerald Stay team for making our lives easier and our pockets deeper!

Living in Miami, it is a big headache to manage a rental property at a distance. We now monitor our earnings through the app and know exactly what is going on in our Alps chalet. Since you manage it, it is in great shape and we more than covered the costs of reforming it with the rental profits. THANKS xxxx

  • Kaya C.
  • Art investor, Miami

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All the answers to your questions

We currently have 4 prestigious properties for rent in the Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc resort and 6 other properties in Megeve, part of the Evasion Mont Blanc ski area. We are also present in the other major ski areas of the French Alps, such as the 3 Valleys and the region of Portes du Soleil.

Absolutely! Today we are one of the most rigorous players in the French Alps regarding tax refund operations. We have developed solid expertise in this area by partnering with one of the best French law firms. All of the eligible clients we have supported have managed to recover 20% of the purchase price of their property. To achieve this, we put all our know-how at your service by providing services that scrupulously meet the criteria of this mechanism: hotel services, invoicing, registration of the owners' stays, etc.

You will be accompanied in all your steps by your assistant. He will know your file and the characteristics of your accommodation perfectly well, which will allow him to provide you with advice that is perfectly suited to your situation.

It incorporates everything our customers and owners have expected from a premium service like ours. For example, we have a team on-site in Saint-Gervais to supervise the necessary interventions in our properties: cleaning, minor repairs, maintenance and various upkeep. We provide all the services required to maintain your property at its level of standing.

We also offer private concierge services, which cover many areas such as booking ski lessons, organising dinners at home with a Michelin-starred chef, or managing transfers to and from the airport. Our customers have a digital concierge service in each accommodation, allowing them to organise their stay independently if they wish. They can reach our team of experts 7 days a week for remote assistance. Our owners can also contact our team with any questions and, in particular, to get help with their VAT recovery efforts.

We publish our ads on the essential seasonal lease platforms: Airbnb,, Homeaway and Expedia. You will easily find our advertisements because we benefit from privileged statuses on these various platforms like Super host or Preferred Partner, which results in optimal visibility of our lease offers.

We also use dedicated luxury real estate sites and rely on international travel agents to reach our customers.

Finally, with 40% of direct bookings being made on our website and booking platform, we are constantly optimising our distribution channels.

It is because we only accept properties that meet our premium quality standards. These criteria were established according to our customers' expectations and relate equally to the apartment's characteristics (living space, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, presence of relaxation equipment such as a sauna or spa, etc.) than its location within the station.

It's simple to know if your property corresponds to what we are looking for; you have to make a rental simulation request on our site. You will be contacted very quickly by one of our advisers who will carry out the audit of your apartment.

Beyond the property and its characteristics, what we seek above all is to forge lasting partnerships with owners who share the same vision as us in terms of prestigious real estate and the same taste for excellence.

To this day, we have never had to deal with dishonest customers because we select them carefully before handing over the keys. Identity verification and security deposits are essential prerequisites for accessing our properties. However, we know that this kind of inconvenience can happen, which is why we ensure an on-site presence so that we can intervene quickly in the event of a problem or breakdown. We have also taken out comprehensive home liability insurance, including coverage of several million euros, to be able to face all situations and cover any damage to return your apartment to you in the state in which you gave it to us. We have confided.

Our owners receive their income once a quarter. It gives us time to collect the rents and pay the charges to pay you a net and final income. You can follow the revenue generated by your apartment or chalet at any time by consulting the owner application specially developed for you.

You no longer have to worry about anything by entrusting us with your property. We take care of everything! We rent it out, service and maintain it, and even pay the charges for you. We meet all customer expectations. We are their sole point of contact, which relieves you of all the constraints usually borne by owners of furnished tourist accommodation.

Most importantly, we'll do everything we can to improve the profitability of your property by maintaining the highest possible occupancy and rental rates in all seasons. For this, we rely on our know-how in real estate, hotels, finance and new technologies and on the expertise of our versatile and multilingual team. It's no coincidence that Shortyz presented us with the Best Leisure Asset Manager award!

We currently manage over a hundred exclusive properties. All of our owners have renewed their confidence in us that enabled us to become the leader in the French Alps.

With us, you are free to stay at home whenever you want! The only obligation: check that your apartment or chalet is accessible on the dates that interest you before blocking your time slot. Everything is done instantly from the reservations calendar that you can consult in your proprietary app.

We will also help you properly account for your stays to benefit from VAT recovery if your property is eligible for this device.

We are responsible for determining the night price for the properties entrusted to us. Our team of engineers is dedicated to pricing monitors for more than 40 real estate indicators to select the highest possible price for your property in real-time. This in-depth knowledge of the market and this responsiveness allow us to constantly adjust our offer to demand by creating packages, for example, to maintain the highest possible occupancy rate without ever selling your property off. We pay close attention to our high-end positioning, so you can rest assured that your property will never be offered below a specific price.

Our way of doing things has already shown effectiveness. For instance, our owners have recorded an average increase in revenue of around 30% compared to our competitors.

To achieve these goals, we need to work in total autonomy, so, unfortunately, we will not be able to work together if you are not ready to entrust us with this task.

Yes, and it is 3 years, with the possibility of withdrawal after 12 months if our services do not satisfy you.

We ask you to trust us for 3 years because we know that it takes on average between 18 and 24 months for a high-end seasonal rental to reach its rental potential in the Alps. Attracting customers, retaining them, benefiting from their recommendations on the internet and word of mouth takes time. We are sparing our efforts to set ourselves as quickly as possible to achieve the profitability objectives. We believe that this constant commitment deserves your trust in us over this period. But we are confident in our ability to make you want to stay with us well beyond these 3 years, as none of our owners has yet expressed the wish to leave us.

Indeed, we consider the significant events that attract people to the resort to adapt our prices. Among these highlights in Saint-Gervais, we can note the Montee du Nid D'Aigle, the legendary mountain race in July or the Telemark World Cup stage, which takes place in January.

We also consider the school holiday calendars to set high season rates. In addition to the French calendar, we take into account those of the nationalities most present in Saint-Gervais: Netherlands, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

It depends on the period. In high season we open the calendar to bookings of a minimum of 7 nights and, exceptionally, short stays when filling the calendar between two weekly rentals. We accept stays of 2 to 4 nights minimum in the quieter periods, depending on the property. We also adapt to the moment's demand by creating packages such as last-minute offers that optimise our properties' occupancy rate and profitability.

We activate several levers to ensure the highest possible occupancy rate and level of profitability. We start by widely distributing our property listings on the largest seasonal rental platforms (Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, HomeAway, etc.) to give them maximum visibility. We also offer them on our booking platform since it alone records 40% of bookings directly!

We are working on the attractiveness of our offer by adapting the price of overnight stays in real-time to the level of demand. It is in addition to visibility. The right price at the right time is our obsession and what allows us to market your property at the highest possible price every time of the year.

Finally, we rely on our loyal customers by conducting targeted marketing campaigns and VIP operations to make your property known to our privileged contacts and partner agencies.

We maintain a high occupancy rate for our properties, even during the slackest periods, by working on our offerings' visibility and attractiveness.

We are the ones who intervene in the event of a washing machine failure or a problem with the WiFi. We have a team on-site to manage this emergency maintenance, and our customers can count on our digital concierge service to contact us 7 days a week if needed. For the maintenance of your property, you don't have to worry about everything else. We take care of everything!