The resort

Saint-Gervais, a peak of emotions

Saint-Gervais offers a unique face in the landscape of holiday ski resorts in the great French Alps. It is also considered by some to be the highest municipality in Europe, since it has the privilege of hosting the summit of Mont-Blanc. 

From skiing to hydrotherapy

Skiing in Saint-Gervais

Evening in Saint-Gervais Ski Resort

What we like about Saint-Gervais

Familiar with the summits makes Saint-Gervais absolutely exceptional in the eyes of skiers, hikers and more generally all the mountain lovers. Part of the third largest ski area in France, Evasion Mont-Blanc, it is nevertheless impossible to confine Saint-Gervais to winter sports and skiing only.

This resort is much more than that, starting with a premier destination for relaxation and well-being with its bicentennial thermal baths. Mont Blanc thermal spring water has many good virtues: soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and tourists come from afar to benefit from its dermatological properties.

One could find a thousand and one reasons to stay in Saint-Gervais, the village and area has so many good attractions and peculiarities that make it quite simply unique in the landscape of alpine ski resorts. This includes its great natural setting, its winter and summer sports facilities, its typical chalets and its architecture where baroque and contemporary blend together. Furthermore its cultural and artistic events which animate the heart of the resort, it's good restaurants and products, renowned terroir, and its highest cogwheel train in France all make up its beauty. Saint-Gervais maintains a certain art of living in the mountains and multiplies the assets that attract visitors ready to indulge in the unadulterated charms of a ski resort naturally outside the common region.

Two stations in one

Both a renowned ski resort and spa resort, Saint-Gervais is full all year round with skiers eager to hit the slopes, mountain lovers wanting to take advantage of the fresh air or tourists who have come to relax and recharge their batteries. The irreproachable quality of its tourist offer has been recognized by several independent labels.

Saint-Gervais, like all resorts knows how to be welcoming, has the Famille Plus label, which is characterized in particular by hosting activities suitable for all ages, services designed to make life easier for families and special prices.

Another sign of its excellence is in terms of tourist reception: the resort has been awarded the Quality Tourism and Listed Tourist Resort labels, which demonstrates both the dynamism and the spirit of initiative of its Tourist Office, the quality of its infrastructure and its generous reception capacity.

On the ski side, Saint-Gervais is also a hit in the rankings of the best French resorts, produced by France Montagnes. Recognized by the latter with the Station Village de Charme label for its harmonious architecture and its unspoiled authenticity, it is also distinguished with the Station Grand Domaine label for the extent of its ski area and in the Alti-form resort category for its complete offer combining skiing, activities in the snow, spa and fitness.

In short, this is a resort that has much more than skiing to offer!

Saint-Gervais, a welcoming resort

The Saint-Gervais resort has an overall reception capacity of more than 32,000 beds spread over 5,841 structures, including nearly 400 furnished tourist accommodation, a category in which Emerald Stay properties are listed.

Highest town in France with Chamonix

Since the municipalities of Saint-Gervais and Chamonix share the summit of Mont-Blanc and its 4,807 m altitude, it is impossible to separate them when it comes to determining which is the highest municipality in France.

When thermal water works miracles

Known for their dermatological virtues, the thermal waters of Saint-Gervais helped treat one of the world stars of classical dance of the 1960s, 70% burned by the burning of her tutu. She was able to return to the stage after 4 years of treatment at the great thermal baths.

Nature always reclaims its rights

In December 2020, while the ski areas were closed because of Covid, the cameras of the Saint-Gervais resort captured funny visitors. Two wolves have taken over the deserted and partially snow-covered tracks.

Where to stay in the resort?

Saint-Gervais is one of the French Alpine resorts where we would like to welcome you. We will soon be offering a luxury chalet for rent with a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc and we hope to expand our catalogue of exceptional properties in Saint-Gervais. 

Do you own a luxury property in Saint-Gervais?

We offer to manage it for you! By entrusting us with your contemporary apartment or your authentic chalet in Saint-Gervais, you can count on a better return on your rental investment. We take care of all aspects of the rental of your property, so you don't have to worry about anything!