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Specializing in the seasonal rental management area of prestigious properties, we have developed an innovative view and approach based on a great concept: managing your assets like a new generation hotel. By delegating to us the operational and maintenance aspects of your property management, you improve the income generated by your chalet or apartment while freeing yourself from all the constraints related to your investment.

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This estimate is based on the knowledge of our local experts as well as on the actual profitability of our properties under management.

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The awards and recognition we’re proud of:

Best leisure property management company in 2021, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Best leisure property management company in 2021, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Sustainability in 2022, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Sustainability in 2022, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Superhost on Airbnb for all of our properties since our launch (average of 4.8/5.0 for hundreds of reviews)

Superhost on Airbnb for all of our properties since our launch (average of 4.8/5.0 for hundreds of reviews)

A Net Promoter Score of 55 to date, one of the highest in our industry

A Net Promoter Score of 55 to date, one of the highest in our industry

Great Place to Work® in 2022 by the experts in workplace culture

Great Place to Work® in 2022 by the experts in workplace culture

B Corp® certified since 2022, recognizing our social and environmental work including 100% carbon compensation

B Corp® certified since 2022, recognizing our social and environmental work including 100% carbon compensation

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Les Gets property management

6 reasons to trust us

What we want to offer our owners is a turnkey service that goes beyond the concierge service. Present at all stages of leasing, a single point of contact for our owners and our customers, we assure you a profitable and serene rental.

1. We are present at all times

From rental to handing over the keys, from cleaning to preventive and curative maintenance, we are the sole operator, remotely and on-site, for the rental management of your chalet or apartment.

2. We improve the occupancy rate of your property

In the low season, as during school holidays, we constantly adapt the delivery of offer to demand (adjustment of prices, creation of packages, etc.) to guarantee an optimal occupancy rate for our owners.

3. We secure the rental of your property

Thanks to our dedicated digital solution (identity verification, deposit taking, etc.) and the presence of our manager on site, we guarantee you a rental without unpleasant surprises.

4. We pay you a net and final income

We desire to release you from all concerns related to the rental management of your property. It also involves the payment of charges that we manage for you.

5. We advise you on the recovery of VAT

We help you recover 20% of its purchase price if your property is eligible, thanks to the partnership we have set up with one of the best French law firms.

6. You enjoy your property whenever you want

Do you want to go skiing or go green? Check the availability of your property from the owners' application, then block the dates that interest you. It's simple and immediate!

Real estate: Les Gets and the Massif du Chablais are on the rise

More coveted than ever, new, old and luxury properties offered for sale in Les Gets have been selling off at high prices since the start of the health crisis.

The resort has three times as many homes as inhabitants per year, so it is not surprising to view that over 83% of its housing stock consists of second homes and furnished tourist accommodation. A craze that is not about to weaken since between July 2020 and July 2021, the Chablais massif saw demand jump by 50% on the second and luxury home market alone.

Sustained demand for mountain property in the face of weak supply necessarily led to an increase in prices: + 3.7% over one year and + 9% over two years.

As of September 1, 2021, apartments in Les Gets are trading for an average of € 7,011 / m2 (prices usually observed, between € 3,878 and € 9,091 per m2. Sometimes even more on certain new developments). The chalets are still pushing up prices: a total of around € 7,591 / m2, from € 4,199 to € 9,844 / m2, depending on the property.

With its mountain village soul, small shops, and Savoyard architecture, this family-oriented resort advocates a quality of life that appeals to investors. Thanks to its integration into the Portes du Soleil ski area and its international reputation in mountain biking, the village attracts an audience of mountain sports enthusiasts throughout the year.

Seasonal rental: services or nothing

An offer rich in activities, summer and winter alike, contributes to the great occupancy rate of seasonal rentals but is not enough to capture an increasingly demanding clientele in terms of services and services.

Renting a furnished tourist accommodation in Les Gets today without adding an on-site presence and a top-of-the-range concierge service is no longer an option. Customers now expect services worthy of the best hotels in their rentals.

In perfect knowledge of the high-end seasonal rental market in the French Alps, we have developed a comprehensive and innovative solution that provides customers with the responsiveness and level of services expected while freeing owners from the daily management of their real estate. We are at the same time the only interlocutor of our customers as of our owners.

We also help them make their investment profitable by supporting them in their efforts to recover VAT on eligible goods.


Chablais: in one year, "purchases of second homes have increased by 50%", article of August 20, 2021,

Price per m2 in Les Gets:

Les Gets Property management

Unquestionable quality

Emerald Stay did not oversell on their services, they deliver exactly what they offer, from fiscal advice and maintenance support, to powerful distribution technology that optimises rental performance. They made the VAT reclaim process really simple for us, and helped us bring our new chalet up to high standards. After signing, we got bookings from day 1, even during off-season!

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  • Lawyer, London

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All the answers to your questions

We currently operate seven chalets and apartments in the resort of Les Gets and have other properties under management within the Portes du Soleil area in Morzine and Chatel. We regularly welcome new properties in these resorts but also in the other great areas of the Alps such as the 3 Valleys and the Pays du Mont-Blanc.

Not only are we proposing it, but we have made it one of our priorities. Emerald Stay is today recognized as the most rigorous player in the French Alps when it comes to structuring tax refund operations. 100% of our customers eligible for this VAT recovery system have been reimbursed thanks to our support.

The hotel services we provide are eligible for award along with the invoices we issue and record from suppliers and how we account for private stays by our owners.

Each new owner who joins Emerald Stay is put in contact with a personal assistant whose perfect knowledge of the property being rented will allow them to provide personalized and relevant advice to make use of this VAT recovery mechanism.

Thanks to the on-site presence of an Emerald Stay team, we are able to provide an answer to all the issues related to seasonal rental management from emergency maintenance, upkeep, security audits and all daily operations. Our intervention covers all areas of private concierge services: reception and transfers from and to the airport, reservation of ski lessons or treatment and massage services, organization of dinners at home, etc.

Apart from our representatives in Les Gets, we have a team of experts available 7 days a week to respond to all of our clients' requests related to the smooth running of their stay (advice on activities to do, support for 'a request related to the maintenance of a property, etc.). Our owners can also contact them if they have any questions about the procedures for VAT recovery, for example.

On the biggest platforms of course! Airbnb,, Homeaway or even Expedia. Over the years, we have acquired a solid reputation on these which has enabled us to obtain accolades such as Superhost status on Airbnb or Preferred Partner status on Thanks to this recognition of the quality of our services, our ads are at the top of the search results, thus benefiting from maximum visibility at all times.

At the same time, we also want to advertise our ads on platforms specializing in luxury real estate and with international travel agents in order to reach our customers wherever they are.

Our website, and through it our reservation platform, have experienced increasing success in recent years as we register more than 40% of direct reservations.

We have premium quality standards and only accept properties that meet them. The criteria may relate to the property itself (number of bedrooms, living space, presence of premium equipment such as sauna or jacuzzi, a garden or a terrace, etc.) or its location in the resort of Les Gets, its view, proximity to ski slopes, etc.

Beyond these factual criteria, there is a state of mind that we want to share with our owners, a taste for prestigious real estate and for excellence.

To find out if your chalet or apartment in Les Gets could be entrusted to us, do not hesitate to ask for a rental simulation. You will be contacted by a member of our team who will review your property to determine if it meets our standards.

We have never before been faced with damage beyond normal wear and tear on any of our properties but of course we are prepared to deal with this kind of inconvenience as it is our responsibility to protect your property from all costs. hazards and guarantee you a serene rental. To do this, we have taken out comprehensive home liability insurance with coverage of several million euros so that our properties are fully covered regardless of the damage suffered.

We also take special care to verify the identity of customers who stay with us and take a deposit online, which is a prerequisite for accessing your accommodation.

In this way, you are guaranteed that your property will remain in the condition in which you entrusted it to us.

We pay rent every trimester. The amount paid is final, net of charges, taxes and fees. No re-invoicing is to be feared.

At any time, you can follow the income generated by your property from the mobile application that we have designed for our owners.

The best argument we can make is in numbers: we currently manage over 100 properties and no owner has yet wanted to stop working with us. If we manage to maintain a satisfaction rate of around 100% it is because we have succeeded in establishing a relationship of trust with our owners. Our partnership is built on transparency, respect and hard work, plus a bunch of little things that you will discover as we work together.

Our professionalism has allowed us to take the leading position in the French Alps market and was distinguished by the Shortyz award for best leisure property manager. This is the reward for the work of a whole team of real estate, finance, hotel and new technology professionals working to satisfy our customers and owners.

You remain in control of your property and as such, you can dispose of it whenever you wish! To schedule your private stays, nothing could be simpler: contact your Emerald Stay personal assistant or log into your mobile app and access the booking calendar to block the dates that interest you.

If you are eligible for VAT recovery, we will explain how to account for and declare your personal stays.

We are responsible for determining the optimal price per night for your property. We expect our owners to trust us in the way we determine and drive the pricing of their property. Our team of engineers aims to determine the best possible price depending on the period of course (high, medium or low season) but even more depending on the month and even the day of the week. We have developed an algorithm that analyzes more than 40 criteria to be able to determine in real time the price in line with demand. Our goal is both to rent your property at the best possible price but also to optimize its occupancy rate to increase your income during the most slack periods. By combining all these parameters, we manage to generate an average income that is 30% higher than the competition for our owners. Rest assured that the price set will always be consistent with the standing of your property and the high-end positioning that is ours.

To achieve such a degree of adaptability to demand, we need to be able to act with total control over pricing, which is why you must keep in mind that by entrusting us with your property, you will have to agree to let us handle this point. If you are not ready for this, unfortunately we will not be able to consider working together.

By entrusting us with your property, you agree to a 3-year contract, with the possibility of withdrawal after 12 months if you are not satisfied with our services.

Our experience has taught us that it takes 18 to 24 months of rental to fully exploit the potential of a property in Les Gets. We rely heavily on customer loyalty, word-of-mouth and online review to continuously increase visibility and transformation. In the logic of partnership that is ours, we believe that our constant efforts to improve the profitability of your property deserve that you place your trust in us for at least 3 years. We are confident about our ability to live up to your expectations, as none of our owners wanted to leave us after this contractual commitment period.

Sure! The Portes du Soleil mountain bike show in June, the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in August and the Golf & Poker Masters which take place during the summer attract a large number of visitors to Les Gets. Our rental prices obviously take this into account, just as we adapt our prices to high season periods linked to French school calendars but also English, Swiss and Israeli, the country of origin of most of our customers in Les Gets.

Yes, especially in mid and low seasons. During these periods, we open the calendar to bookings of 2 or 4 nights minimum depending on the properties and remain attentive to all solutions to improve the profitability of your property.

In high season, the minimum rental period remains set at 7 nights except in the case where short periods between two reservations remain available. In this case, we are looking to market them for short stays in order to further improve the occupancy rate of our properties.

We make sure that we are in the right places, with the right offer and the right price. This means that you will find our advertisements highlighted on the main distribution channels thanks to our Superhost and Preferred Partner status which brings visibility and legitimacy to our offers. At the same time, we are constantly working to improve the presence and promotion of our website on search engines and to disseminate targeted marketing campaigns based on our CRM to reach the right audiences at the most opportune times and in particular our loyal customers. We try to maintain an excellent visibility of our offers but always associated with a fair price and corresponding to the demand of the moment. To do this, we analyze the evolution of the market in real time and we adjust if necessary to the volume of searches over the given period.

By combining all these efforts we manage to fill the reservation calendar of our properties, even in the most off-peak periods and always at a price consistent with the standing of your property.

Absoutely! The fact that we have a team physically present in Les Gets allows us to carry out preventive and curative maintenance on our properties at any time. The wifi that doesn't work, the washing machine that breaks down are our responsibility, you don't have to worry about it.