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Specialising in the seasonal lease management of prestigious properties, we manage your apartment or chalet like a new generation hotel in France. We improve the occupancy rate and profitability of the properties entrusted to us while freeing the owners from all operational constraints since we take care of everything. Absolutely everything!

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The awards and recognition we’re proud of:

Best leisure property management company in 2021, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Best leisure property management company in 2021, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Sustainability in 2022, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Sustainability in 2022, at the global industry event by The Shortyz

Superhost on Airbnb for all of our properties since our launch (average of 4.8/5.0 for hundreds of reviews)

Superhost on Airbnb for all of our properties since our launch (average of 4.8/5.0 for hundreds of reviews)

A Net Promoter Score of 55 to date, one of the highest in our industry

A Net Promoter Score of 55 to date, one of the highest in our industry

Great Place to Work® in 2022 by the experts in workplace culture

Great Place to Work® in 2022 by the experts in workplace culture

B Corp® certified since 2022, recognizing our social and environmental work including 100% carbon compensation

B Corp® certified since 2022, recognizing our social and environmental work including 100% carbon compensation

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La Plagne property management

6 reasons to trust us

Our innovative seasonal lease management and private concierge solution give you total freedom since you are freed from all the constraints that usually weigh on owners of furnished tourist accommodation. You gain peace of mind while enjoying better profitability for your rental investment.

1. We offer you a complete service

No detail escapes us: from the writing of advertisements and the shooting to the maintenance and the payment of invoices. We manage absolutely all aspects related to the rental of your property. You do not take care of anything!

2. We improve the profitability of your property

Our owners earn on average 30% more than renting alone or through an agency with us. We always are in step with the current demand to maintain a high occupancy rate, even in the low season.

3. We secure access to your property

Before handing over the keys, we check the identity of the tenants and take a deposit. We have an on-site team that ensures the smooth running of stays and are insured to deal with all hazards.

4. We pay you a net and definitive income

Each quarter you receive the income generated by the rental of your property. The amount paid is final since we also pay the charges. You can follow your income and other details at any time from the owners’ application.

5. We advise you on VAT recovery

If your property is eligible, we will support you in your procedures. We have developed cutting-edge expertise in tax refund operations and are supported by one of the best French law firms.

6. You stay at home whenever you want

Even if you entrust us with your property management, it remains your property, and you are free to stay in your apartment whenever you wish. You have to book your dates in the calendar on your owners’ application.

La Plagne, a destination as popular with visitors as with investors

In one year, the price of chalets has exploded in La Plagne: + 11.9% on average! This craze can be explained both by the desire of the French to invest in a second home in the mountains with the intrinsic qualities of the resort, which are attractive to investors of all kinds.

At a time when global warming is a sword of Damocles hanging over medium-sized mountain resorts, those that benefit from quality snow cover manage to pull through. In its latest ranking of the world's ski resorts, Savills placed La Plagne 13th among the most resilient resorts, capable of facing the climatic challenges that await them. This indicator is based on the altitude of the resort, snowfall, length of the winter sports season and the temperature. It has the effect of reassuring potential investors about the relevance of buying property for seasonal rental in La Plagne

Based on the favourable elements mentioned above, prices are soaring:

In La Plagne, Tarentaise, expect to pay between 3725 €/m2 for a flat (from 2793 to 5587 €/m2) and 4017 €/m2 for a chalet (from 3013 to 6026 €/m2). The median budget for investing in a house in La Plagne Tarentaise is currently €317,500. 

Prices in Aime-la-Plagne are more affordable, averaging 3416 €/m2 for a apartment (with prices generally ranging from 2562 to 5124 €/m2 depending on the property). On the other hand, 3737 €/m2 for a house (with a price range of 2802 to 5605 €/m2).

The most popular ski resort in the world

With 2.5 million annual visitors, La Plagne is the most popular ski resort globally. And when you consider that it backs onto the second largest ski area in the world, Paradiski, there is no doubt that a rental investment is a winning bet!

There are not one but seven good reasons to ski in La Plagne and they are called Plagne Aime 2000, Plagne Centre, Plagne 1800, Plagne Bellecôte, Belle-Plagne, Plagne Village, Plagne Soleil. These high altitude sites are all located at over 1800 metres, which reassures both skiers and investors about the duration and quality of the winter sports season. But La Plagne is also Champagny en Vanoise, Plagne-Montalbert and Montchavin-la-Plagne, situated between 1250 and 1350 metres above sea level, charming destinations for mountain holidays not just about skiing. This rich and varied offer attracts French customers since 36.7% of visitors come from abroad, mainly from England, Belgium and the Netherlands. Other significant figures: 71% of customers are regulars and 75% come to La Plagne for stays between 7 and 10 nights. An idyllic situation for investors in furnished holiday accommodation is also explained by the excellent rail network that allows La Plagne to be reached by direct Eurostar from London and Thalys from Brussels and Amsterdam. 


La Plagne Property management Review of the property in La Plagne

I rediscovered my property

I used to see my chalet as a time and money consuming good, but since I found Emerald Stay, my relationship with my property changed. I understand now that it has the potential to generate great profit without any efforts from my side. The team at Emerald Stay will take care of distributing and operating my chalet and my profits are now higher than ever before.

  • William B.
  • Banker, Manchester

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You're the owner of a luxury chalet or apartment in La Plagne or another resort in the French Alps and you'd like to trust us with its management and rental? Contact us!

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All the answers to your questions

La Plagne is one of the French Alpine destinations we are looking to develop in the future. We will be managing four properties in this alps soon and are keeping an eye on the opportunities available in the area. We already have a strong presence in the 3 Valleys ski area (notably in Meribel and Courchevel), the Portes du Soleil (more specifically in Morzine, Les Gets and Chatel), Evasion Mont-Blanc (in Megeve and Saint-Gervais) and Chamonix.

Yes, we can! We have even made this one of our areas of expertise. Hence, we are recognised as the most rigorous player in this field in the French Alps. We help all our owners who own a property eligible for this scheme set up a solid and flawless tax structure that allows them to recover 20% of their rental investment purchase price. To date, we have a 100% success rate in this process because we respect all the criteria that allow this mechanism to be used transparently. For example, we provide the essential para-hotel services required to qualify for this tax scheme, such as delivering household linen to the residence, breakfast and cleaning services. We also ensure that our owners' stays are adequately accounted for.

All aspects of VAT recovery are discussed with your personal assistant when you join Emerald Stay. This team member will know your property inside out and will be able to provide you with personal advice.

Yes, it does! Our rental management solution incorporates private concierge services to provide the level of service our clients expect: airport transfers, ski lesson bookings, at-home chefs, massage bookings or home treatments. Our areas of intervention are varied, and our team of experts is available to answer our clients' requests. Our owners can also contact our team remotely to obtain VAT recovery procedures. 

Our accommodation ads are visible on all the significant holiday rental and booking platforms: Airbnbbooking.comHomeaway or even Expedia.. We have a preferential status on these different sites, which increases the value of our ads at the top of the search results.

In a more targeted way, we are also present on niche sites dedicated to luxury real estate, and we work in collaboration with international travel agencies.

In addition to these external channels, we have our booking platform on our website, which alone generates over 40% of direct bookings. We are constantly working to improve the user experience and search engine rankings.

All ads, wherever displayed, receive our full attention, both in the writing of the descriptions and the shooting. We aim to do justice to our properties by presenting them in the best light to trigger a love affair with our clients and encourage them to book their stay. 

We are always looking for high-quality properties in the French Alps location, but we only accept properties that meet our premium standards. So, to find out if your property is what we are looking for, we need to evaluate it against our criteria. By requesting a rental simulation on our website, you will be quickly contacted by a member of our team who will take the time to evaluate all the characteristics of your property: its location, its level of equipment, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms it has, the comfort and well-being features such as a sauna or spa that it may offer, the presence of a balcony, a terrace or a garden, etc. 

Beyond the specific qualities of your property, what interests us is you! We want to work with owners who share our vision of excellence and taste for prestigious properties.

In all our years of existence, we have never been confronted with this type of inconvenience; for example, it has never gone beyond the normal wear and tear of equipment. However, we are prepared for all eventualities and do everything necessary to ensure that you have a trouble-free rental, whatever happens. This starts with checking the identity of the tenants and taking out a deposit before handing over the keys, but also by taking out a comprehensive home insurance policy with a cover of several million euros to be able to protect your property in any situation. We guarantee that the property you have entrusted to us will remain in good condition in which you entrusted it to us, whatever happens. 

The income generated by your property rental is paid to you every quarter. The amount received is definitive. You do not need to worry about being re-invoiced as we pay the charges and supplier invoices in advance and take our commission. At any time, you can follow the evolution of your income by consulting the application that we have specially designed for our owners.  

Renting out a furnished tourist property takes time and energy, but the profitability is not always there, especially during slow periods. By entrusting us with the rental management of your property, you are entrusting us with all the tasks you have been carrying out until now: you have absolutely nothing to manage. We take care of everything! In addition to giving you peace of mind, we use all our know-how in the hotel industry, luxury real estate, finance and new technologies to improve the occupancy rate of your property and rent it out at the highest possible price all year round. This takes into account the evolution of supply and demand. 

At present, 100% of our owners have renewed their trust in us. We have built a special relationship with them based on mutual trust and respect. 

In just 3 years, we have become the new market leader in the French Alps and have been awarded the prize for best leisure asset manager by Shortyz.

No problem! Just check the booking calendar for your property and block the dates you are interested in. It's that easy! You can do this at any time from your owners' app or by contacting your Emerald Stay personal assistant.

If your property is eligible for VAT reclaim, we'll tell you how to account for your personal stays to meet the requirements of this scheme.

We fix the prices of the stays, and this is in your interest. To have an efficient pricing policy, we have to be reactive to the evolution of supply and demand. Our engineers have developed an algorithm that constantly analyses more than 40 property indicators. The aim? To enable us to understand the market in real-time to adapt our prices per night. By proceeding in this way, we manage to optimise the occupancy rate of our properties, even during the slowest periods, but without ever selling off our properties. The price we offer is always consistent with the standard of your property and the level of services we provide.

Thanks to our approach, we managed to improve the profitability of the properties entrusted to us by an average of 30%. You must be prepared to trust us on this point because if you don't, we will unfortunately not be able to work together.

It is 3 years, with the possibility of terminating it early after 12 months if you are not satisfied with our services.

We expect our clients to have confidence in us for 3 years because we will deploy all our energy to reach the rental potential of their investment as quickly as possible. However, we know from experience that it takes an average of 18 to 24 months to achieve this goal. Building customer loyalty and obtaining referrals takes time, and sharing reviews on the internet is essential for the visibility of our properties and conversion. 

Our contracts are established in a partnership with our owners, and we work together to improve the occupancy rate and profitability of their property. We believe that our commitment to them deserves that they trust us for at least 3 years, and we are serene concerning this duration of commitment because no owner has left us, even after this period. We will do everything we can to make you want to stay with us well beyond 3 years.

Of course, they do! Like the school holiday periods, major sporting and cultural events tend to sustain rentals. We, therefore, adopt our rates accordingly. This is notably the case for the Grand Bec Marathon and the Born to be Show, the sound and light ski show at the end of February. The National Cross Country Skiing Chrono takes place in mid-March, the Super Slalom at the beginning of April, the 6000D the legendary trail at the end of July.

It depends on the period. We open the booking calendar for our properties to stay at least 2 to 4 nights in the mid or low season, depending on the property. We prefer a minimum of 7 nights in the high season, but we may offer short-term packages to fill gaps between longer bookings. 

We work both on the visibility of our ads and on matching the price to the demand. 

On the first aspect, we now have privileged status on the largest holiday rental platforms such as Airbnb or, which means that our properties are highlighted on these sites. We are also improving our direct booking platform, which our customers increasingly use. Finally, we regularly carry out targeted marketing actions to inform our customers of rental opportunities that may interest them.

On the second aspect, we analyse in real-time the seasonal lease property market data to know the evolution of the demand and to adjust our rates accordingly. By always being in tune with the market, whether in high or low season, we manage to capture bookings throughout the year and thus optimise the occupancy rate of the properties entrusted to us.

We handle both preventive and curative maintenance. We have teams on site to intervene in an emergency, whether it's to repair the wi-fi connection or the dishwasher. Whatever the need, our customers contact us directly, and we will find the solution to their problem. You don't have to worry about anything!