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From towns to villages

The well-known island of Ibiza is full of magnificent places to visit. As well as the many beaches that line its coastline, the heart of the island also has many charms. The towns and villages dotted around the island have a wealth of tourist attractions. Some more developed than others, each holds a typical Balearic charm.

Typical Balearic charm

Ibiza: a lively capital named after its island

Located in the south of the island, the town of Ibiza is particularly famous for its lively nightlife.

Also known as Eivissa, the old town has plenty to offer to attract tourists, such as: 

  • Its famous Cathedral of the Virgin of the Snows, the main Catholic building and seat of the Ibiza diocese. 

  • The town is also very popular for its historic quarter and its port. Dalt Vila, Ibiza's upper town, is a must-see destination for the many visitors who flock here every year. 

  • The Marina is one of the liveliest areas of the port, with many restaurants and bars open until late night, with the shops welcoming the tourists until midnight.

La Dalt Vila: an old town on the heights of Ibiza

La Dalt Vila has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. Its fortifications within the ramparts appeal to history lovers. All the paths through the old town lead to the cathedral, enthroned majestically at the top of the hill: a good reason to wander through the maze of alleyways, equipped with your camera. You'll need to be brave, though, as the sharp paths are guaranteed to exhaust you.

Things to do in Dalt Vila: 

  • Follow the ramparts for magnificent views and admire the Mediterranean, the Baluard de Santa Llùcia. This large open-air space is regularly used for parties and events.

  • Admire the Portal de ses Taules, the imposing entrance to the old town. It's a beautiful piece of architecture, sided by two reproductions of Roman statues. Once through the gateway, you cross the parade ground, once used as a meeting place for the town's guards. 

  • Follow the winding streets through the heart of the old town to soak up the historic atmosphere.  

  • Visit the Cathedral of the Virgin of the Snows, an ancient Catholic church conquered by the Christians in 1235, just a few days after the feast celebrating Saint Mary of the Snows. Inside, you'll find a sculpture of Jesus in a glass coffin. There is also a museum attached to the cathedral, featuring works of art and objects of worship dating back as far as the 14th century.

  • Visit the many chapels in the historic centre, such as the capella de Sant Cristòfol, the capella de Sant Ciriac and the church of Sant Domingo.

  • Enjoy a visit to the Museu Puget, a former 15th-century palace known as Can Comasema, now converted into an exhibition centre. The works on display will introduce you to the island's rural and traditional past.

  • Take a stroll around the Place de la Vila, at the bottom of the old town, and enjoy the many shops open until midnight. And why not sit down on the terrace of a restaurant and enjoy the picturesque surroundings.

Sant Joan de Labritja: a little paradise away from the rest of the island

This small, peaceful village in the north-west of the island of Ibiza is part of a congregation made up of three other municipalities: Sant Vicent de sa Cala, Sant Llorenç de Balafia and Sant Miquel de Balansat. Its popularity comes from its charming scenery, notably its white houses with colourful wooden doors and wrought-iron balconies. Its white-clad church stands against the scenery of the pine-clad hills, overlooking the village filled with restaurants, bars, and shops.

Things to do in Sant Joan de Labritja: 

  • Soak up the town's history by visiting the churches and monuments that dot the four villages.

  • Stroll through the stalls at the Sunday market, which offers a variety of local products and crafts. You'll find jewellery, liqueurs, coffee, fashion, local art, gifts and even a paella street show.

  • Enjoy a walk in the heart of the Es Amunts nature park, a forest of pine and sabine trees, full of incredible landscapes, each more beautiful than the last. 

  • Celebrate Midsummer's Day, if you're lucky enough to be in Ibiza in June. A traditional mass ceremony, followed by a parade through the streets, gives the locals the chance to get together and share a convivial moment, full of music, dance and entertainment.

A white building with arches

Sant Josep de sa Talaia: a village with some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain

Just a few kilometres from the capital, the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia displays some of the finest beaches and landscapes in Spain. It takes its name from Sant Josep, the largest mountain on the island of Ibiza. At 475 metres high, it offers spectacular views of the beaches below. It is made up of several small villages, including Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Sant Francesc de s'Estany, Sant Agustí des Vedrà and Es Cubells. The municipality is full of magnificent white houses, with typical Mediterranean architecture.

Things to do in Sant Josep de sa Talaia:

  • Visit the Phoenician village of Sa Caleta, an archaeological site listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

  • Explore the Cova Santa, a small natural cave that has been open to visitors since the late 1950s. In the past, this cave was used as a meeting place for members of the hippy movement.

  • Immerse yourself in the local history by visiting the white church of San Josep, built in the 18th century.

  • Take one of the many hiking trails on foot or by bike, to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views.

  • Sample local produce and take part in culinary workshops to discover the island's typical flavours.

beach view from the cliffs

Sant Antoni de Portmany: postcard charm

Nestling on the west coast of the island of Ibiza, the charming village of Sant Antoni de Portmany is an increasingly popular tourist destination. The villages of Sant Mateu d'Albarca and Santa Agnes de Corona form part of the municipality. The town has plenty to offer, especially in its centre, known as the Passeig, which boasts shops, cafes, restaurants, open-air concert venues and bus routes for easy access to remote areas of the island. Every corner of Sant Antoni is an invitation to discover, whether you want to go on an adventure or relax in a peaceful setting.

Things to do in Sant Antoni de Portmany:

  • Discover the cave paintings that adorn the walls of the Cave of Wines - sa Cova de Vi. It takes its name from the fact that wine bottles were once stored here. The Bronze Age drawings on the walls of the cave are well worth a visit.

  • Visit the chapel of Santa Agnes, built on a hill and discovered in 1907. The feast of Saint Ines is celebrated here every year on 24 August.

  • Visit the Cap Blanc aquarium, housed in an underwater cave and featuring over 50 species of fish and crustaceans as well as a wide variety of marine flora and fauna.

  • Enjoy a magnificent sunset from one of the beaches sheltered by the town of Sant Antoni.

An aerial view of a beach with boats in the water

Santa Eulària des Riu: a town steeped in history and culture

Santa Eulària des Riu is a village with a picturesque charm typical of the island of Ibiza. At the top of Puig de Missa stands its magnificent sixteenth-century white church, an important monument in the village. Thanks to the only river on the island, which has now dried up, the town has benefited from a wealth of resources that can still be felt today. The creation of a marina and artificial beach attracts many tourists every year.

Things to do in Santa Eulària des Riu :

  • Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Platja des Canar or enjoy a sunbath on the beaches of Cala de s'Aigua Blanca. 

  • Enjoy a glass of rose in an authentic setting, such as the Ibizkus Wines winery.

  • Visit the ethnographic museum on Puig de Missa. It houses a large collection of popular objects such as jewellery, musical instruments and works of art.

  • Stroll along the colourful streets and enjoy the local specialities served in the lively bars and restaurants.

A white building with a cactus in front of it.

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