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What to do in Ibiza?

24 ideas to keep you busy on holiday in Ibiza

Water activities, cultural visits, tasting local products... There are plenty of things to do when you stay in Ibiza. Here's a selection of the 24 best ideas for spending unforgettable moments in one of our exceptional villas in the heart of the Balearic Islands, whether you're a couple, a family or a group of friends.

A group of hot air balloons flying in the sky
A person is kitesurfing
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A person is on a surfboard in the water
Two bottles of wine sit on top of a wooden barrel.
A group of men preparing food in a kitchen
Various plates of food on a wooden table.
A person riding a horse on the beach at sunset
An aerial view of a group of boats in the water
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Two bicycles parked in front of a fence.
A rocky cliff overlooking the ocean.
A church with a clock on top of it.
The milky in the sky over the ocean
A white building with a sign on it
A view of a salt field
A woman practicing yoga on a beach near the ocean.
A water fountain in a swimming pool
A woman in a red dress dancing on stage
A table full of plates with art supplies on it
A group of people scuba diving in the ocean.
A group of dream catchers hanging from a tree.

What else to do in Ibiza?

Embark on a journey of enchantment in Ibiza, where the sun-kissed shores meet a kaleidoscope of experiences. Start your day with a leisurely exploration of the island's pristine beaches, from the iconic Playa d'en Bossa to the serene Cala Comte. Embrace the azure waters or unwind in the luxurious comfort of beachfront clubs.

As the sun sets, Ibiza transforms into a nightlife haven. Dive into the heart of Ibiza Town, where world-renowned clubs promise unforgettable evenings. Let the rhythmic beats of music carry you into the vibrant energy that defines Ibiza's legendary parties.

For a retreat into nature, traverse the island's hidden paths and discover secluded coves, surrounded by cliffs that offer a tranquil escape. Explore the rugged beauty of Es Vedrà or venture inland for a hike through fragrant pine forests, revealing breathtaking vistas.


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