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The island

From towns to villages

As well as the many beaches that line its coastline, the heart of the island also has many charms. The towns and villages dotted around the island have a wealth of tourist attractions. Some more developed than others, each holds a typical Balearic charm.

Aerial view of two people swimming in clear turquoise water near rocky shores.
Aerial view of two people swimming in clear turquoise water near rocky shores.
A young girl carries another girl on her back at a beach, with a woman walking behind them in the background.
A woman lounging comfortably on a white corner sofa, holding a glass of orange juice, in a sunlit room with a rustic coffee table and patterned rug.

The beaches

The white island of the Balearics

Ibiza, known as the white island of the Balearics, is surrounded with an impressive number of magnificent beaches, each offering visitors a unique experience.


Activities for everyone and in all seasons

Discover a selection of the 24 best ideas for spending unforgettable moments in one of our exceptional villas in the heart of the Balearic Islands, whether you're a couple, a family or a group of friends.

A person is on a surfboard in the water.


Paddleboarding at hidden beaches



Local wine tasting

Dalt Villa in Ibiza

Learn something new

Visit the Dalt Vila

An aerial view of a group of boats in the water.


Boat trip to Formentera

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