Plan your vacation in Ibiza

Typical Balearic charm

Crystal clear waters of Ibiza invite you to relax and party. The region is also famous for its many hidden coves and elegant beaches, where Mediterranean nature blends discreetly with the typical Balearic atmosphere.

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Our accommodation in Ibiza

Villas with sea view, apartments in the heart of the town, modern properties or traditional architectures... let yourself be mesmerised by our exceptional properties.

From towns to villages

The island of Ibiza is full of magnificent places to visit.

As well as the many beaches that line its coastline, the heart of the island also has many charms. The towns and villages dotted around the island have a wealth of tourist attractions. Some more developed than others, each holds a typical Balearic charm.

A cliff overlooking the ocean.

Enjoy the pristine beaches of Ibiza

The boats are in the water.

Discover the hidden coasts of the island

The beaches

The white island of the Balearics

Ibiza, known as the white island of the Balearics, is surrounded with an impressive number of magnificent beaches, each offering visitors a unique experience.

The north of the island is characterised by the beauty of its wilderness and its unique landscapes, while the south is a perfect blend of nature and culture.

Discover the most beautiful beaches

Activities for everyone and in all seasons

Water activities, cultural visits, tasting local products...

Discover a selection of the 24 best ideas for spending unforgettable moments in one of our exceptional villas in the heart of the Balearic Islands, whether you're a couple, a family or a group of friends.

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