22 best bars in Marrakech based on your mood

Best bars Marrakech Emerald Stay

If you’re looking for a place to get loose and dance the night away, below are the best bars in Marrakech and Marrakech clubs.

Date posted: 15 September 2020, 5:31pm

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Marrakech, the city where your senses fire on all cylinders: smells of spices, oils, carts of fresh veggies and fruit, olives, the vibrant colours of rugs, Moroccan tiles, the buildings, and the cacophony of busy souks, the medina and the call to prayer. It’s overwhelming, it’s beautiful, it’s chaotic.

And when the sun sets over the palm-tree lined horizon, the city only gets more vibrant. If you don’t know what to do at night in Marrakech, here’s our guide to the 22 best bars in Marrakech, based on your mood.

If you don’t feel like enjoying the evening in one of our Marrakech accommodations, you have endless options for Marrakech clubs, Marrakech rooftops and more.

Best places to party in Marrakech

If you’re looking for a place to get loose and dance the night away, below are the best bars in Marrakech and Marrakech clubs where your night out is bound to get crazy.

  • 555 Famous Club

    We don’t know what came first - its name or its fame, but 555 Famous Club is one of Marrakech’s go-to places for dancing. This is a high-end nightclub that can lean on the expensive side, but hosts well-known DJs and a good place for a big night out. Address: Hotel Ushuaïa Clubbing. Boulevard Mohamed VI

Marrakech Rental - Best Bars  Marrakech

555 Famous Club in Marrakech, photo by Elite

  • Cantobar

    Feel like singing a tune? At Cantobar, you have dancing, karaoke, reasonable prices, and fantastic cocktails. What more could you ask for? Address: Avenue Moulay El Hassan

  • Le Palace

    If you’re looking for the most luxurious, high-end and beautiful Marrakech club, look no further than Le Palace. If you thought your Marrakech villa was fancy, wait till you see this place.

    Early in the evening, it’s a restaurant with earth-shattering cuisine. Later, it turns into a party place (closes at 2 AM). Be prepared to dress nice and pay a lot. Address: Avenue Echouhada

Le Palace best bars party Marrakech

Le Palace, photo by The Bespoke Black Book

  • L’Auberge Espagnole

    A casual/sports bar in Marrakech, this place serves tapas and Spanish food. Be warned, early on there are sports playing on the TV. If sports aren’t your vibe, this place isn’t for you. Later, you can party to Latin music. Address: Corner of Rue Tarik Ibn Ziad and Rue Moulay Ali

Casual bars in Marrakech

Debating between going out or staying in your Marrakech accommodation tonight? You may not feel like visiting any Marrakech clubs, but you can still keep it casual and visit one of the following best casual bars in Marrakech:

  • Le 68 Bar à Vin

    This charming bar is perfect for groups although a bit small. It has a great selection of nibbles to pair with its amazing cocktails. A fantastic atmosphere is perfect for a casual night out. Address: 68 Rue de la Liberte

  • Kosybar

    Kosybar is an outdoor local secret with stunning views overlooking the market square. They also serve tasty food. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual and you can enjoy a lovely cocktail. Address: Place des Ferblantiers, Rue de Berrima

  • Pointbar

    You can find this bar on a quiet street in Gueliz. A self-aimed “positive vibes” bar, this is one of the most relaxed atmosphere you’ll find in the city. You need to buy food to drink alcohol here, but there’s a reasonably priced and varied menu. Address: 3 bis, Rue Abou Hayan Taouhidi

Best casual bars Marrakech

Photo by Pointbar

Bars in Marrakech with live entertainment

Whether you’re in the mood for hitting up a Marrakech club or just chill out, finding live entertainment won’t be hard in the Red City. Here’s our list of bars in Marrakech with live entertainment:

  • Lotus club

    Lotus club is a ritzy cabaret with live entertainment and a creative cocktail menu. Come here to watch live dance shows by the Lotus Girls, but be prepared for a relatively expensive experience. Address: Rue Ahmed Chaouqi

  • Palais Jad Mahal

    One of Marrakech’s trendiest restaurants and most sumptuous bars in Marrakech, the Palais Jad Mahal serves up live belly dancing and other entertainment until late. Address: Rue Haroun Errachid

Best bars live entertainment Marrakech

Belly dancing spectacle, photo by Palais Jad Mahal

  • L’Epicurien

    Located inside of the casino, this trendy bar in Marrakech has live music. It’s a dark place inside, and the food isn’t amazing, but if you’re looking for live entertainment in Marrakech, this is the place to be. Address: Rue Hafid Ibrahim

  • Buddha-Bar

    On top of the decor that transports you to another place, the oriental atmosphere and the giant golden Buddha that oversees the party, the Buddha-Bar is a fantastic bar in Marrakech to eat and see live dance shows. Be warned -- it’s one of the pricier joints in the city. Address: Avenue Prince Moulay Rachid

Best bars with live entertainment Marrakech

Photo by Buddha Bar

  • So Lounge Bar By Sofitel

    One of the more Instaworthy bars in Marrakech, this picturesque venue offers live music, shisha, and food. Address: Rue Haroun Errachid, Marrakech

Best rooftop bars in Marrakech

There are few things better than a nice rooftop bar at sunset with good company. Here’s a list of the best rooftop bars in Marrakech.

  • Kechmara

    Kechmara is a quirky, trendy rooftop bar and restaurant that serves carefully flavoured and plated food and cocktails on a fantastic rooftop overlooking the Gueliz. Address: 3 rue de la liberte, Gueliz

  • Entrepotes

    This open-air, “off the beaten track” courtyard bar and restaurant is a plant-laden venue with a lovely atmosphere. It serves high-quality Asian-style food and phenomenal cocktails. Careful -- portions are quite big! Address: 62 Tarik Ibn Ziad, Gueliz

Best rooftop bars Marrakech

Entrepotes, photo by Restaurant Guru

  • Cafe Clock

    Quirky, artsy, trendy and full of personality, this rooftop bar is a wonderful place to enjoy the local cuisine. It’s affordable, has live music, a vibrant atmosphere and amazing view from its rooftop. Address: Derb Chtouka

Cafe Clock, best rooftop bars Marrakech

Photo by Cafe Clock

  • Le Foundouk

    Right smack in the middle of the historic district, you’ll find Le Foundouk, a bar & restaurant with a spectacular rooftop terrace. Prices here are a little high. Address: Rue Souk El Fassi No. 55

Le Foundouk best rooftop bars Marrakech

Photo by Le Foundouk

  • Rooftop Garden

    If you feel like drinking and dining with stunning Atlas views to the Atlas mountains, you should head to this rooftop bar at the Pearl Hotel. This al-fresco venue offers a sophisticated but lively atmosphere. Address: Angle Avenue Echouhada et, Rue du Temple

Best cocktail bars in Marrakech

Sometimes the only thing that can take your holiday to the next level is a cocktail creatively curated with love. Here are the best places to get cocktails in Marrakech.

  • Barometre

    Probably one of the best cocktail bars in Marrakech, this cutting-edge modern gem makes inventive and delicious cocktails and cuisine. Not a place to miss. Address: Rue Moulay Ali

  • Le Bar Churchill

    This bar, inside the Mamounia Hotel, takes you back in time with its old-school feel and decor. This place is obligatory for bar connoisseurs and those interested in the art of cocktails. Address: Inside La Mamounia Hotel, Avenue Bab Jdid

Best cocktail bars Marrakech

Le Bar Churchill, photo by Telva

Best late-night bars in Marrakech

Party’s over at the venue, but not over in your heart? Don’t worry, there’s still plenty going on late at night in Marrakech. Here are the best late-night clubs and bars in Marrakech.

  • Babouchka

    In Paris, Raspoutine is a former brothel and Russian cabaret that achieved historical monument status. You can also visit this plush venue’s sister in Marrakech, with the same red-dominated scheme created by the velvet fabric and the alcoves. Open until 5 am. Address: 10 rue Haroun Errachid

  • Montecristo

    For those who wish to enjoy their nights without getting stuck in traffic, Montecristo has it all: an international restaurant, a bar with live music, an indoor club and a Sky Lounge with parties daily from 7pm until 5 am. Address: 20 Rue Ibn Aïcha

Best late night bars Marrakech

Photo by Montecristo

  • Theatro

    This Ibiza-style night club throws parties daily from 11:30PM to 5AM. As the name suggests, you can expect belly dances, jugglers and acrobats taking the entertainment a level above! Address: Rue Ibrahim El Mazini, Casino de Marrakech Es Saadi Marrakech Resort

Writing this made us thirsty! If you are feeling like us, wait no longer to book your Marrakech accommodation and start bar hopping!

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