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Saint-Tropez Property Management

Get the most out of your rental investment in Saint-Tropez

Managing property rentals yourself can quickly become a burden!

Uneven occupancy rates, maintenance costs, and deterioration are some of the potential risks.

Emerald Stay's innovative property management service makes renting your seasonal property easier and improves its profitability.

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Increase your rental income and free yourself from management constraints!

+30% revenue increase thanks to our distribution system

Renting your upscale apartment or prestigious villa and at the highest possible price is our priority. To achieve this, we have developed an algorithm that constantly analyses market prices to ensure that we are always perfectly positioned in relation to current supply and demand.

Advice on purchasing, help with VAT recovery ...

We have partnered with one of the best law firms in France to enable owners to opt for the best tax structuring and to recover 20% of the purchase price of their new property when the chalet or apartment qualifies.

100% flexibility on your booking calendar

We manage your luxury apartment or villa, but it remains yours! You are free to stay in your home whenever you want. You just need to block the dates you are interested in the booking calendar of your apartment or villa.

0 problems to manage and 100% protection

We check the identity of our clients and take a deposit before handing over the keys to your property. We have also taken out a multi-million euro insurance policy to protect your luxury apartment or chalet against any type of damage.

Do you own a property in Saint-Tropez?

We have developed a simulator to help you quickly determine your property's possible profitability. This estimate is based on the knowledge of our local experts and the actual profitability of our properties under management. Fill in the form below in 2 minutes, and a team member will contact you soon!

The profitability of a vacation property in Saint-Tropez

Unrivalled reputation in France and internationally and high potential rental yields

The average property price in Saint-Tropez is €15,653/m². So it's quite a substantial investment, but one that can be quickly recouped. Every year around 5 million people visit the area to enjoy a luxury holiday.

Would you like to rent out your property to take advantage of the peninsula's high seasonal demand and strong tourist appeal? Be aware that properties without concierge services do not offer the same return on investment as those with.

At Emerald Stay, we maximise the benefits of your property in Saint-Tropez. With our concierge service, you can increase your rental income by up to 30% compared to traditional management!

Our unique system and services inspired by top hotel management guarantee greater visibility and a higher occupancy rate without your intervention.

So, we increase the profitability of the properties we manage and give you complete peace of mind.

Every year around 5 million people
visit the area to enjoy a luxury holiday

Services included with Emerald Stay property management service in Saint-Tropez

With Emerald Stay, you benefit from our property management services in Saint-Tropez, which are designed to maximise profitability and simplify the management of your property. 

When renting out your property, we guarantee a hassle-free service with no nasty surprises. 

In addition to these services, we have developed an application that checks guests' identities, validates bookings, and records travellers' security deposits to secure access to your property. 

We can also protect your top-of-the-range residence as required. To this end, we have taken out home and public liability insurance, which covers several million euros. 

Our property management service in Saint-Tropez also includes welcoming tenants, cleaning the linen, upkeep and maintenance of the accommodation, minor repairs, etc. 

By delegating the management of your luxury property to property experts, you can monitor the occupancy rate and income generated by your property in real-time via a dedicated mobile application. You're also freed from paying the usual charges. 

So, the income we pay you for renting out your home is clear and unambiguous. We can even help you understand and implement VAT recovery. 

In other words, our services take care of everything! All that's left for you to do is block the dates that interest you so that you can enjoy your investment and collect your rental income! 

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With our services, we take care of everything!

Property management

Our owners love our property management services in Saint-Tropez!

We manage over €500 million worth of properties in all our destinations

Let's talk!

Do you own a luxury villa in Saint-Tropez and would like to entrust us with the management? Contact us! Read our owner brochure.

Address :
4 Rue du Parc des Lices
83990 Saint-Tropez


We have many projects underway which will soon allow us to offer a wide choice of villas in Saint-Tropez.

Take advantage of our expertise in luxury holiday rentals in Saint-Tropez. As a property owner, you can expect quality service and increased visibility for your property. Join us now and be part of our continued growth on the wild coast.

Our customers can call on us for any request. It could be for booking a Michelin-starred chef or organising a dinner at home or the management of transfers from and to the airport. They can manage their stay in total autonomy thanks to the digital concierge service available to them.

In addition to these amenities, we manage the whole upkeep of the premises, repairs and maintenance, cleaning and safety audit to offer rental apartments that are always in perfect condition.

Of course, the events that attract visitors to Saint-Tropez are among the highlights and as such rental prices are at their highest, in line with sustained demand.

Thus, outside the school holiday periods, there are festivals such as The Terre Mer Festival, Fete de la Musique, and les Bravades that allow us to apply higher rates.

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