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What to do in Saint-Tropez?

24 ideas to enhance your holiday

What better way to enjoy the Côte d'Azur than with a luxury holiday in Saint-Tropez? Known for its opulent yachts and private parties, this lavish seaside resort has been a favourite destination for jet-setters for many years, a testament to its enduring appeal and quality.  

But that's not all! The diverse array of activities in Saint-Tropez will excite any holidaymaker: from thrilling water sports to enriching cultural visits, from rejuvenating well-being experiences to indulgent shopping. The peninsula offers a plethora of choices for an unforgettable time!

A person is skiing downhill on a snow-covered mountain under a clear blue sky.
A tennis player is in mid-serve on a clay court, viewed from above.
A person paraglides in the sky with a motor-powered parachute against a backdrop of blue sky and scattered clouds.
Aerial view of a vineyard with rows of grapevines, a small house, and surrounding green landscapes near a coastline.
A market stall displays various fresh vegetables, including artichokes, carrots, and cauliflower. Signs with prices are visible. People are browsing in the background.
Outdoor dining table set for four with white tablecloth and glassware, overlooking a seaside view with trees, grass, and a yacht in the distance under a partly cloudy sky.
A Ferris wheel against a blue sky at an amusement park, with flags and snack bar signs visible in the background.
People playing mini-golf on a green turf, with one person in focus about to putt the ball into a hole marked with a white flag.
A brightly lit art gallery with arched ceilings, blue and green walls, several framed paintings, and two brown leather chairs.
A rustic room with vintage furniture, shelves stocked with decor items, a clock, plants, and various knick-knacks. Sunlight streams in through large windows on the left.
A modern art gallery with white walls, framed paintings, and well-lit exhibits. The floor is polished and there is a white bench in the foreground.
Waves gently crash against the rocky beach in the foreground.
A group of performers in theatrical costumes and masks pose dramatically on a stage, with one performer balanced atop a table and others striking various expressive poses around them.
A scenic coastal view with clear blue water, rocky hills with some houses, and lush greenery in the foreground, under a bright sky.
A large house with a terracotta roof overlooks a lush green golf course with a few sand traps in a hilly landscape under a clear sky.
View from above of the bow of a yacht sailing on clear blue water, showing its deck and surrounding sea.
Close-up of leather saddles on a row of horses with blurred trees and sky in the background, suggesting a calm outdoor setting.
A crowded nightclub with vibrant, colorful lighting and a blur of people dancing on the floor. The ceiling has dynamic, illuminated lines.
A serene spa room with a massage table, neatly folded towels, a countertop with relaxation essentials, and an open door revealing a sunny garden with palm trees outside.
Beachfront lounge chairs and umbrellas facing a calm sea, with a distant lighthouse and hilly landscape on the horizon.
Outdoor dining area with a large round table set for a meal, surrounded by tropical plants and overlooking a pool with lounge chairs and umbrellas in the background.


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