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Valid from: 25.05.2018 | Last updated on: 30.07.2018

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Emerald Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Emerald and we are committed to processing our clients’ data fairly and transparently. In this Privacy Policy we explain what personal data we collect, why we collect it and how we process it, including where it will be stored, for how long it will be stored and who will have access to it. We also explain how you can exercise your right to correct, stop or delete your personal data.

We collect personal data in order to offer you better services: for example, improving our offers and processes, matching our services to client needs or personalizing client communication and offers. In this way you can find out about things that you may be interested in and receive less advertising overall. By collecting personal data we can also simplify purchasing or client service processes so that you get what you want easier and faster.

Who is responsible?


Emerald Stay SA, Boulevard de la Tour 6, CH – 1205 Geneva, with Company ID no.: CHE 420.659.492, is responsible for the collection and processing of your personal data in Switzerland.

Personal data we collect


We collect and process personal data in many different situations and for a variety of purposes. When you visit our web pages, book a stay on our online platform, contact our client service, or communicate with us using any of the available channels, we collect information to improve our service to you.

We also obtain data from third parties about you/our clients. In all cases, data obtained from external providers is treated with the same care and security as any other personal data we handle.

If you choose to withhold the personal data requested by us, it may not be possible for you to have an optimized experience on the Emerald website and for us to respond to your queries or provide services to you.

The data we collect depends on what data is required to be able to provide a specific service. For example, we need your name, email address, payment information and other contact details to be able to confirm a stay in one of our properties.

The data we collect in different situations may include the following:

Data we collectPurpose of use
Name and contact details – full name, email address, home address, phone numbersFrench authorities requirements
Name and contact details – title, invoice addressTo send you the invoice of your stay upon departure
Demographic data – date of birth, nationalityFrench authorities requirements
Demographic data – language preferenceTo communicate in the relevant language with you
Identification data – ID numberFrench authorities requirement
Payment information – credit card and bank informationTo be able to confirm your stay with us
Device and device usage information – session data from visits to our websites apps for mobile devices or services on Internet platforms, multimedia portals and social networks, including visit duration and frequency, language and country settings, information on your browser and computer operating system, internet protocol addressesTo personalize our offers and improve our services to you
Client activities – contract information, record of bookings and booking habits, client service information and all information transmitted when contacting client service, including call records such as call date, time, duration, destinations, calling and called numbers, call chargesTo personalize our offers and improve our services to you
Internet log usage information – session data from internet usage through the routers in our propertiesTo personalize our offers and improve our services to you
Photos and video – Photos and video recordings of visits to our public areas during your staysFor security purposes on our sites

How long do we keep your personal data for?

We keep your personal data for as long as we consider necessary in order to comply with valid legislation, or for as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. We delete your personal data as soon as it is no longer needed.

How do we use your personal data?

We use the personal data that you have provided us with or the personal data we have collected, to provide you with the best possible service and homestay experience. We also use the data to analyse client behaviour to optimize our services, offers, webpages, marketing materials and activities.

We may process your personal data for one or several of the following purposes:

  • Coordination of your stay
  • Client services
  • Communication with clients
  • Direct marketing to enhance your stay and offer you special conditions
  • Analysis of client behaviour to personalize and improve our offers
  • French authorities requirement: as an accommodation provider in France, we are legally bound to collect the following information on all of our guests who are over 15 years old:
    • Full names
    • Date and place of birth
    • Nationality
    • Primary address
    • Phone number and email address

More information about the purposes for which we process your personal data 

Purpose of useLegal basis for this purposeDuration
To be able to confirm, handle and administer your booking of a stayThe purchase agreement constitutes the legal basis for processing your personal data. To be able to fulfil our legal obligations we need to be able to process personal details such as name and email address, as well as payment information such as credit card details.Until 1 month after departure
To be able to provide your identification data and Internet log usage information to local authoritiesTo be able to fulfil our legal obligations with local authorities we need to be able to process personal details such as your name, date of birth and ID number, as well as information such as Internet log usage.Until 6 months after departure
To be able to provide client servicesEmerald has a legitimate interest in processing your personal data as that is necessary to assist you when you have questions or complaints about our services. This may also include follow-up questions and surveys about properties and services. If your question concerns a complaint, we will process your personal data in order to fulfil our obligations under applicable laws and based on the scope of our agreement with you.Until 1 month after departure
To be able to send general marketing material and personal direct marketing via email, SMS, mail, social media or to provide advantages such as upgradesEmerald has a legitimate interest in processing your personal data as that is necessary for market offers or services that we think you may be interested in.Option to opt out at each communication
To be able to administer your participation in competitions and eventsConsent is the lawful basis for Emerald to administer and follow up competitions and events, such as confirmation of participation, questions to participants or information about winners.Until 1 month after the end of the contest
To be able to update and improve services and offers as well as the technical functionality of our computer systemsConsent is the lawful basis for Emerald to use client activities in order to make updates to the technology that allows you to visit our website, use our mobile applications or book a stay with us or to understand how you as a client experience our services and thereby improve existing and develop new offers and services.For 12 months
To be able to prevent unauthorized use of our servicesConsent is the lawful basis for Emerald to use client activities in order to provide secure services and prevent attempts to unauthorized access or improper use of our services.For 12 months
To be able to register persons who report that they do not want unsolicited marketing from EmeraldWe will need to process your email in order to process individual requests not to receive any marketing material.Until sign-out
In order to fulfil Emerald’s legal obligations, such as services safety, decisions from authorities, accounting or tax requirementsTo be able to fulfil our legal obligations, such as services safety, decisions from authorities, accounting, tax or other requirements, we will require personal data such as your invoice address.Until 6 months after departure

Security of Personal Data

Emerald has data security policies in place and all of the personal data we collect is subject to these. We have appropriate procedures in place to safeguard and help protect personal data against unauthorized or accidental access, processing, erasure or other use.

We use secured encryption system(s) for the collection of personal data. Where personal data is stored electronically, it is kept in a password-protected form. Personal data, whether stored in electronic form or in hard-copy form is only accessible by authorized officers or employees of Emerald.

Transfer of Personal Data outside Switzerland

At times it may be necessary and/or prudent for Emerald to transfer certain personal data to places outside Switzerland in order to carry out the purposes, or directly related purposes, for which the personal data are collected. For example, we may transfer your full name, age and dates of stay to local authorities in France for the payment of the city taxes related to your stay. Any transfer will be in accordance with the requirements of this Privacy Policy and applicable laws.

Cookies and similar technologies


Our cookies policy

Emerald uses cookies and similar technologies on its website. Cookies are small data files that are created on the device you use to visit our website, such as a computer, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch. Where we refer below to “cookies”», we also mean other comparable technologies.

Cookies enable us to recognise your web browser. This is useful because then you don’t need to repeatedly input your data, specify choices, or modify your settings. It also means we can improve the performance of our website and better understand visitor behaviour on our website, and other parties can learn about your surfing behaviour so that they can show personalised advertisements across several websites and omit non-relevant advertisements.

We use cookies at Emerald to improve our service for you. Some cookies we use are essential for some services to work, others are used to collect information about the use of the website (statistics) so that we can make the site more convenient and useful for you. Some cookies are temporary and will disappear when you close your browser, others are persistent and will stay on your computer for some time. We are also using some local cookies that are tied to local marketing campaigns and which will disappear when the campaign ends.

Some of the cookies are strictly necessary for the functionality of the site while others are used to enhance the performance and your user experience.

If you do not want information to be collected through cookies, you can choose to reject cookies from your computer or mobile device by changing your browser settings. If you reject the cookies, you may not be able to activate certain functions available on our website.

How we use Google Analytics

The purpose of the Google Analytics component is to analyse the traffic on our website. Google uses the collected data and information, inter alia, to evaluate the use of our website and to provide online reports, which show the activities on our websites, and to provide other services concerning the use of our Internet site.

How do we use social plug-ins?

Recommendation buttons for the Facebook and Instagram social networks are available on our website. By using these you can recommend selected website content to other users of the social networks and add them to your personal profile. The recommendation buttons are provided by the social network operators.

By placing these plug-ins on our website these social network operators may receive information that you have visited our website. If you are logged onto one of these networks during your visit to our website, its operator can attribute this visit to your user account. If you do not want this to happen, we recommend logging out of social networks before visiting our website.

If you press the recommendation buttons, the corresponding information is transmitted to the social network and stored there. You can find more detailed information on the purpose and scope of data collection, the further processing and use of the data and how you can use settings to protect your privacy in the social network operators’ notes on data protection:

Data Processed by Third Parties

In a number of cases we provide your data to external parties, namely to the following partners: messaging app, in-home tablet app and Property Management System. However, we will never sell your data to a third party. When we work with external companies that provide services where they need to process personal data, they may only use your data for the purposes that Emerald specifies in a separate privacy agreement. They may not, therefore, use this data for their own purposes or transfer the data to others. We may also be required by law to disclose your data to government bodies or other parties. In all cases we will only disclose what is strictly necessary by law.

We can pass on your personal data to other Emerald companies for the purposes set out in this data protection policy. These companies can then use your personal data in their own interest for the same purposes as we do. In particular, Emerald companies can process your personal data for individualized, personalized analyses of client behaviour and for direct marketing activities in their own interests. Emerald employees are given access to your personal data only to the extent necessary for the performance of their professional duties.

If a service provider is located in countries where applicable legislation does not provide protection of personal data comparable with Swiss law, Emerald will always require the service provider to fulfil the rules and obligations set out in Swiss law.

Finally we can pass on your personal data if we consider this necessary to be compliant with valid laws and regulations, in connection with legal proceedings, at the request of responsible courts and authorities or under other legal obligations, in order to protect and defend our rights and property.

Ensuring the security of personal data

We take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data. We protect your personal data from unauthorized or accidental destruction, accidental loss, technical errors, falsification, theft or unlawful use, and also from unauthorized amendment, copying, access or other unauthorized processing.

You should be aware, however, that the transmission of information via the Internet and other electronic media creates certain security risks, and that we can give no guarantee of the safety of information transmitted to us by these means.

Right to Information, Correction, Stopping, Deletion and Objection

You have the right to receive information about your personal data stored by Emerald at any time, including a copy of some or all of your personal information. You also have the right to ask us to correct, stop the processing of, or delete your personal data (unless we are legally required to keep it for business purposes).

If any piece of your data is incorrect, we will update it at your request. If you have given your permission for the use of your information, you can withdraw that permission at any time. You can also ask us to delete your data and not to use it again. However, we may be required to store data for which you revoked your permission, for legal and/or business purposes.

Please be aware that deleting your data may limit our ability to provide you with services related to our offers.


If you have any questions about data protection at Emerald, you can contact us directly. Send us an email to

Responsible body and direct contact for data protection matters at Emerald:

Data Protection Officer

Emerald Stay SA

Boulevard de la Tour 6

CH – 1205 Geneva


Amendment of the Privacy Policy


We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to comply with new legal requirements or to reflect new functionalities of our services that may result in your personal data being processed by us in a significantly different way. The current Privacy Policy is always available for consultation from Emerald.