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Paradiski property management

Get the most out of your rental investment in Paradiski

Are you fed up with managing your own property rentals?

Occupancy rates fluctuate, maintenance costs, risks of deterioration, the hazards are numerous when you decide to rent your property...

At Emerald Stay, our innovative concierge service will allow you to simplify your seasonal rental management by renting out more of your property and thus improve the profitability of your property.

Increase your rental income and free yourself from management constraints!

+30% revenue increase thanks to our distribution system

Renting your ski apartment or chalet longer and at the highest possible price is our priority. To achieve this, we have developed an algorithm that constantly analyses market prices to ensure that we are always perfectly positioned in relation to current supply and demand.

Advice on purchasing, help with VAT recovery ...

We have partnered with one of the best law firms in France to enable owners to opt for the best tax structuring and to recover 20% of the purchase price of their new property when the chalet or apartment qualifies.

100% flexibility on your booking calendar

We manage your luxury ski apartment or chalet, but it remains yours! You are free to stay in your home whenever you want. You just need to block the dates you are interested in in the booking calendar of your apartment or chalet.

0 problems to manage and 100% protection

We check the identity of our clients and take a deposit before handing over the keys to your property. We have also taken out a multi-million euro insurance policy to protect your luxury apartment or chalet against any type of damage.

Do you own a property in Paradiski?

We have developed a simulator in order to help you quickly know the possible profitability of your property. This estimate is based on the knowledge of our local experts as well as on the actual profitability of our properties under management. Fill in the form below in 2 minutes and a team member will soon be in touch with you!

The seasonal rental market in Paradiski

Paradiski, a booming rental market

The Tarentaise Valley is home to a fairly new resort: Paradiski. Created in December 2003, it consists mainly of the resorts of La Plagne and Les Arcs, as well as 4 other smaller resorts linked by a cable car.

Every year, the resort attracts many holidaymakers, not least for the breathtaking views of the magnificent snow-capped peaks. Have you bought a chalet or apartment in the area and would like our concierge team to manage your rental investment? Let's look at the possibilities!

The Paradiski area comprises 6 village resorts and 425 kilometres of slopes. Whatever the season, tourists flock to this domain to enjoy its stunning location and wide range of activities. Investing in the domain means choosing one of the most popular destinations in the heart of the Alps. Which is perfect if you want to make a handsome profit from renting out your home. 

But while investing in rental property may seem straightforward, it's actually a demanding business that requires a lot of care, management, knowledge and time to be profitable. Setting rents, finding tenants, drawing up contracts, dealing with maintenance, managing tenants... The road ahead is full of pitfalls. At Emerald Stay, with our concierge services, we help you build your project and take all the red tape off your hands. 

We work hard to manage the rental of your property in its entirety, taking into account your availability and increasing the profitability of your house! Would you like information on your tax structure? Our team will share their expertise with you to give you the best possible advice. All you have to do is receive your rental payments and enjoy your apartment or chalet whenever you like.

As far as property prices in the Paradiski area are concerned, you should know that they are relatively favourable compared to neighbouring areas.
Of course, the price per square metre varies depending on the resort and its location in the valley.

In La Plagne, the price per square metre ranges from €3,515 to €7,030 for an apartment and from €3,679 to €7,358 for a chalet. To invest in Les Arcs, you'll need to budget between €3,111 and €8,137 for an apartment and between €3,112 and €8,140 for a chalet. Finally, in Peisey-Vallandry, apartments are available for between €1,071/m² and €2,499/m² and chalets for between €1,264/m² and €2,951/m². 

A full concierge service in Paradiski

Investing in rental property requires a substantial budget and a lot of time. If you don't devote enough time to your project, you run the risk of not making as much profit as you thought you would. Rest assured, our Emerald Stay concierge service in Paradiski is here to help. We'll take care of everything so you don't have to worry.

For seasonal rental management, we offer an innovative solution inspired by the luxury hotel industry. Today's tenants are looking for much more than just an apartment or chalet. They want access to a range of services for added convenience. That's what we've built our offering around.

Our services include: 

  • Rate management, marketing, finding and welcoming tenants

  • Property maintenance, linen hire and cleaning

  • An on-site team available 7 days a week 

  • Private concierge team

  • Online check-in 

  • Routine maintenance and minor repairs

  • And much more.

With this comprehensive concierge service in Paradiski, we increase the occupancy rate of your property and all you have to do is collect your rent! 


Our owners love our property management services in Paradiski!

We manage over €500 million worth of properties in all our destinations

Let's talk!

Are you the owner of a cozy apartment or a luxury chalet in Paradiski or in other resorts of the Alps and wishes to entrust us with the management of your property? Read our owner brochure.

Address :
73150 La Plagne-Tarentaise, France


We will soon have 2 exceptional properties for rent in this domain. Ideally located in the heart of the resort, we offer chalets and apartments of a certain standard. When you stay in one of them, especially in our most luxurious properties, you'll enjoy magnificent views over the Alpine valley.

We're always on the lookout for the perfect accommodation so that guests can enjoy an incredible holiday, combining quality with comfort, every time you visit. We invite you to discover our other luxury residences, such as those in Meribel and Courchevel

To make the most of your time in this domain, our concierge service offers a range of services on request. These include cleaning, upkeep and maintenance of the accommodation, welcoming guests and making travel arrangements, as well as booking a range of external services for them such as massages, a home-cooked meal prepared on site by a top chef, ski lessons and so on.

Our concierge team can also help owners who wish to entrust the management of their exceptional accommodation to professionals. If necessary, we can also intervene in emergencies and provide sound advice on VAT recovery and other matters. In other words, we take care of all your needs, whatever they may be.  

Of course we do! Holidaymakers love events, be they sporting, cultural or even commercial. When these events take place, tourists flock to the resort, which means you can maximise the profitability of your residence by renting it out more and at the best price for you.

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