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Emerald Stay Membership

Our unique structure as a vertically integrated asset manager allows us to control our pricing and give our members premium access to all homes in our portfolio at steep discounts. Together we create the ultimate travel concept that you can trust.

Membership to Emerald Stay: get large discounts to stay in premium properties

Who is it for ?

The Emerald Stay Club is for discerning travelers who want smart, frictionless travel that is tech-forward and adapted to their needs. For people who seek newness and the familiar at once, in a no-frills atmosphere enhanced by top hospitality standards and on-demand amenities.

Members include an international crowd of global business leaders, owners, investors and entrepreneurs from different industries.

How it works

By signing up now, you pay an early bird fee of €400 and enjoy an immediate 10% discount on any stay you book with Emerald Stay. From the moment you are a member, you join a community of like-minded people and are able to book any short or long stay off peak season at a 50% discount on selected properties. Each member has access to a dedicated Emerald Stay professional to answer questions or book amenities on offer.

SIgn up to Emerald Stay Club and enjoy immediate discounts on premium vacation rentals

Joining the Club

To join, you simply have to book a trip today and select the first-time membership rate at checkout. You will then immediately receive an email with a voucher to unlock the unlimited 50% discounts you will be entitled to as a member.

If you can't wait to become a member but you don't want to book a trip right away, you can contact us directly and we will grant you immediate access to discounted bookings for the future.

✨ Emerald Stay dreams await ✨

Have questions ?

We would be delighted to answer them.

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