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10 great winter activities for kids in the Portes du Soleil

Portes du Soleil children activities Emerald Stay

Just like Morzine has tons of kid-friendly activities, Avoriaz and the other regions are full of original, off-the-beaten-track attractions.

Date posted: 05 November 2019, 12:00pm

Article length: 5 minutes

The Portes du Soleil ski resort is known for its fantastic winter activities for kids and adults.

But there’s more to this ski area than snowboarding or lounging in your chalet. Skiing holidays in the French Alps is a perfect time to try out new activities too.

Just like Morzine has tons of kid-friendly activities, Avoriaz and the other regions are full of original, off-the-beaten-track attractions that will leave your kids wanting more. Here’s a list of 12 great winter activities for kids in Portes du Soleil.

Explore an enchanted forest at Lil’ Stash (4 to 14 years old)

Piste du Proclou, 74110 Morzine, France

Bring a picnic (and maybe some wine for the parents), and relax in this enchanted forest. Meanwhile, let your kids explore a magical winter wonderland and swing in the trees.

This eco-friendly snow park and chalet in Avoriaz is one of the region’s biggest hits for Avoriaz kids enjoying neighboring family ski resorts. Your kids can (safely) climb trees, cross suspended bridges and play games amongst the delightful sculptures in this enchanted forest.

There are also picnic tables (made of sustainably sourced wood) and barbecues available for use to all, even throughout the winter. This is definitely not a place to miss...maybe even without the kids!

Visit a Real Igloo at Villa Igloo Avoriaz

Village Igloo Avoriaz, Place du Telepherique, 74110 Avoriaz

Villa Igloo in Avoriaz

Villa Igloo in Avoriaz by

Last we checked, family fun is spelled I-G-L-O-O. Imagine Frozen’s Winter Wonderland meets Tolkien’s Middle Earth – this magical igloo is an ice Avoriaz chalet-like you’ve never seen before. This is one of the most unique winter activities for kids in the area.

This legit igloo, a 3,500 m3 chunk of snow, is carved into a restaurant and even has a dance floor for when you’re feeling groovy. The magical cave has ice sculptures so real you feel like you could high-five them. When they’re taking a break here from the family ski resort in Avoriaz, kids may not want to go back to the slopes.

On top of the 180 m2 underground village, the Igloo has a terrace with a panoramic view. Make a note to make a pit stop here on your way back to your chalet in Avoriaz.

Shoot A (Safe) Bow and Arrow (8 years and up) at Sensas Park

Depart de la gare inferieure du Telepherique Prodains Express, 74110 Avoriaz

10 activities for kids in Portes du Soleil | Emerald Stay

Sensas Park in Avoriaz by

Winter activities for kids sometimes mean training them for the Hunger Games. We’re kidding, of course, but at this family ski resort, you can get them started on archery.

At the Sensas Park in Avoriaz, the whole family can get together and take part in an archery competition. Safety isn’t an issue: The arrows only have a foam ball at the end of them and everyone gets a helmet.

Get into two teams of 6 to 12 people and see who can hit the most bullseyes.

Play Laser Tag in the Forest (8 years and up) at Sensas Park

Depart de la gare inferieure du Telepherique Prodains Express, 74110 Avoriaz

If you thought skiing and snowboarding were the only energizing winter activities for kids, you’d be dead wrong. Near the family ski resorts, Sensas Park in Avoriaz offers kids an exciting and unique experience.

They’ll be equipped with (safe) infrared, wireless laser guns with 150-m precision and helmets. Then, they’ll spend an hour in the forest, hiding behind natural wood panel walls and tumbling across the snow trying to wipe out the opposing team.

Warning -- you probably will want to join as parents and make it a whole family thing!

Ride a Snowmobile in the Mountains (5-17 years) at Mountain Park

Piste des Trashers, 74110 Avoriaz

Looking for exciting and environmentally friendly winter activities for kids? Imagine speeding down the snow on a scooter with the fresh winter air blowing on your skin. Now imagine it’s your kids. This is a perfect alternative winter activity during your visit to the family ski resort.

Riding motorbikes isn’t only for adults, you know. This park teaches kids in a safe, closed-off and fully supervised environment how to ride a snow-mobile. Plus, it’s totally eco-friendly: zero fuel used -- all-electric. Bring on the adventure-loving kids!

Go Dog Sledding (12 years and up) with L'Aventure en Traîneau

Col de la Joux Verte, 10786 Route d'Avoriaz, 74110 Morzine

Dog sledding is amongst the oldest and most precious winter activities for kids and adults. Your family can experience this 4000-year-old practice just a stone’s throw away from the family ski resort. L'Aventure en traîneau offers a 3-hour dog sledding lesson and adventure.

They’ll learn how to take care of and drive the sled. More importantly, they’ll get to know and bond with the sled dogs. After the intro lesson, they’ll go on a sled ride through the snowy Avoriaz peaks accompanied by an experienced musher. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Catch a flick

Cinema REX Morzine - 171 rue du Bourg (512.41 mi), Morzine 74110

Sometimes you just feel like taking it easy after hitting the slopes on the family ski resorts. But maybe you’re not ready to call it a night in your Morzine accommodation. No worries: the Cinema REX in Morzine shows the newest films in their original language.

The seats are comfy, the sound is good, and if you’re looking for calmer winter activities for kids in Portes du Soleil, this is a great option. Best part is -- kids get in for only €5!

Take a carriage ride

Call to reserve: +33 (0)4 50 74 01 55

Avoriaz is a vehicle-free area. But at this family ski resort, you can still see some horse-drawn carriages. It’s not just for romantic couple getaways -- hearing the horse trotting over cobblestoned streets of historical Avoriaz is particularly magical under the snow.

Some people use them from transport to their chalet, but you can also use them recreationally.

This is a fantastic winter activity for kids. You can choose from several tours:

  • A short discovery tour

  • The heart of Avoriaz

  • A historical tour of Avoriaz

  • Avoriaz from top to bottom

  • All of Avoriaz

There’s something for every mood and moment. This is a nice outdoor winter activity for those who don’t feel like exerting too much energy.

Hit the ice rinks at the Morzine outdoor patinoire

Maybe this is controversial, but a family ski resort holiday doesn’t need to be all about skiing.

Another one on Portes du Soleil’s arsenal of winter activities for kids is outdoor ice skating. Who doesn’t like ice skating? You can be both a graceful ballerina or a tough hockey player. Plus, it’s fun even if you don’t have an ounce of skill.

In Morzine, kids can hit the 30 x 15-m ice rink. The fun music and precious lights set a perfect winter wonderland atmosphere.

Whether you’re an experienced ice skater or just a family looking to have fun outside of your luxury Morzine accommodation, you’ll have fun with your family at this patinoire.

Champery Kids' Club (3 to 7 years old)

Route du Centre Sportif 9 CH - 1874 Champery, Switzerland

10 activities for kids in Portes du Soleil | Emerald Stay

Champery skiing kids club by Region Dents du Midi

On the Swiss side of Portes Du Soleil, you can take your little 3 to 7-year-olds to the Champery Kids Club by ESS. It’s a family ski resort with an area that dedicates itself to teaching the proper technique to kids from the moment they put their first skis on.

This is a safe, kids-only space adorned with friendly animal decoration. They set up learning to ski as play, so there’s no pressure and everyone can enjoy it and grow. This is great for your little ones to learn to ski!

The Snow Garden at Morgins (ages 3 and up)

Place du Carillon 1, 1875 Morgins, Switzerland

Here’s another great snow park run by the ESS. It’s specifically adapted to very young, brand new ski learners.

Snowli, the animal mascot, makes learning fun and reduces any stress that can accompany learning to ski.

And parents -- don’t worry! You can watch your babies learn to ski from the sunny restaurant terrace just a stone’s throw away.

Food is the answer

The Portes du Soleil isn’t only good for its family ski resorts, Morzine or Avoriaz chalets and other winter activities for kids. It’s also got some spectacular and kid-friendly cuisine. While the region is well known for its raclette and Farçon, that’s not always what kids find the most palatable, is it?

But there are some restaurants with kid-friendly cuisine.

La Petite Ourse (Domaine Skiable du Pleney), just down the road from Penguin Park (another wonderful ski park for kids in Morzine) and in the middle of the pistes, has an affordable menu with plenty of options for kids.

In Morzine, you can also get sweet and rich hot chocolate, with a sweet plop of whipped cream and marshmallows on top to warm up even the coldest kid’s hands. Find that at Beanie’s Ski Shop & Coffee Bar (116 Rue Du Bourg).

Right in the heart of Avoriaz there’s also Les Intrets. In addition to serving traditional Savoyard cuisine, the restaurant also serves a wide menu for kids, including pizza and pasta.

Family ski resorts: fun winter activities for kids in Portes du Soleil

There’s nothing quite like a week on a winter holiday. The fresh air, the mountains, and the hot chocolate will become some of your kids’ fondest memories for years to come. We hope you enjoyed our list of fun winter activities for kids.

Have you taken your kids to any of these places? Which did you like best? And if not, wait no longer to book your stay:

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