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Bottas and Cromwell: Racing Power Couple Joins Emerald Stay as Brand Ambassadors

Date posted: 06 May 2024, 11:00am

Article length: 8 minutes

Valtteri Bottas, the Finnish Formula 1 driver currently competing for Stake Sauber (formerly Alfa Romeo), brings a wealth of experience, having been a two-time vice-world champion and contributed to five Constructors' Championship wins with Mercedes. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence extend beyond the racing circuit. Together with Tiffany Cromwell, his Australian girlfriend and partner in many ‘business crimes’ (!), they form a fantastic and inspiring duo. Tiffany is a professional cyclist racing on the UCI Women's World Tour who represented her country in multiple occasions, World Championships and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 

They just joined Emerald Stay as Brand Ambassadors.

Read our complete interview with Valtteri Bottas & Tiffany Cromwell below.

Valtteri Bottas and Tiffany Cromwell: Racing Power Couple

As you elevate your sports and passions to the highest level, were they childhood dreams? Who or what inspired you to pursue them? 

Valtteri: Absolutely. I made the decision to become a Formula 1 driver when I was 5 or 6 years old. Racing F1 was always it. So, I am definitely living out a childhood dream. However, I've always loved all sports. While I had heroes, especially Mika Hakkinen, when I watched racing on TV, ultimately, I was the one who motivated myself the most and set goals.

Tiffany: For me, cycling wasn't a childhood dream. It was a sport I didn't know much about. I often say I fell into the sport; I was always very athletic, and it was present in my family, but cycling wasn't what I envisioned myself doing. In fact, I went through a talented program in Australia that gave me the opportunity to try cycling, starting with the velodrome. It wasn't love at first sight; it took some time, but when I participated in my first road race and I placed third at the state championships, I began to enjoy it more and realised I could actually be quite okay at it. 

Who or what inspired me to pursue? Partly myself! Also, my parents, who have always been very supportive. In the end, I think I did it because I dislike giving up on things, I had friends around, and I enjoyed the adventures that cycling brought me.

Valtteri Bottas and Tiffany Cromwell: Racing Power Couple


Valtteri: Well, preparation began many years ago. Since I was about 12 or 13, I started training more systematically to enhance my physical fitness. Mentally, it's a different story; you kind of learn along the way what works best for you. I've discovered that disconnecting from the sport between hectic races is key. I find that disconnection through travelling, cycling, exploring new places, and engaging in other things I'm passionate about. Having that switch in focus is super important.  

Tiffany: Preparation is crucial for me as well, along with setting goals and determining which races to target because in cycling, you can't excel in everything. You need to plan for peaks, comedowns, and training periods. You need to map that out and then build a good training program around it, with support from your team and ensuring you're in a good mental state as well. This sport is as much about physical strength as it is mental. As for disconnecting, sometimes I simply ride my bike without having any plans, or just do absolutely nothing. Being outdoors in nature or in the sunshine always helps. 

Valtteri Bottas and Tiffany Cromwell: Racing Power Couple

You’re serial entrepreneurs as well, who have turned their passions into events, organisations, or brands. Coffee, gin, design, sports… you seem unstoppable! What motivates you the most, and do you live by any mottos?  

Valtteri: I'm always moved by passion, and I believe that's normally when someone is deeply passionate about something that he does the best job. I prefer to involve myself in endeavours that energise me rather than drain me. I have to think about the future as well, since a racing career doesn't last forever, though the end is still far off! "Never give up" is my forever motto. 

Tiffany: I agree that it's all passion based. I'm not one to sit still; I thrive on creative projects and challenging myself with different ideas to see how far we can take them. It is also fun and refreshing to transition from cycling, it is such a stressful sport sometimes. The other projects take the focus away when the time is right. While setting up for the future as well, I am engaging in activities I love, aiming to grow them, and share them with people who have similar interests worldwide. My motto is "Live every day like it's your last". 

Valtteri Bottas and Tiffany Cromwell: Racing Power Couple

Broadening the spectrum, to you, what holds utmost importance in life? Are there causes you would fight for, and what legacy do you aspire to leave behind?  

Valtteri: For me, the most important thing in life is undoubtedly health, mainly speaking and particularly as a professional athlete. Without it, you can't fully enjoy what you want. I appreciate it everyday because sadly, you usually realise its value when something wrong happens. Regarding the legacy I aspire to leave, it would be precisely that appreciation of life. I'd like people to remember that I thoroughly relished every moment pursuing what I love, shaping my own fate and path. 

Tiffany: Deep. Agreed 100%. I would also add the importance of keeping the people who are close to you, nurturing relationships and appreciating each other's qualities. Additionally, I think it's vital to look after this planet, consciously thinking about our actions and their impact on the future generations. Create pathways for them, do something small that helps open doors - let's say, in my case, in cycling for the next group of women coming through - would bring me immense satisfaction. The sport has given me so much that I'd like to pay it forward by enriching the lives of others.  

Valtteri Bottas and Tiffany Cromwell: Racing Power Couple

Lastly, our brand promise is "Experience the luxury of space." How do you spontaneously resonate with it? Could you relate an occasion that connects you with this statement? 

Valtteri: I do have a taste for fine things in life, and I'm very fortunate to be in a position where I can enjoy them, explore new locations, and feel the luxury of space. You usually come to appreciate the little things, and sometimes, larger experiences greet you. You then need to think about them as an investment for yourself and your loved ones. I can relate to numerous different trips and adventures, and even if they may sometimes pose financial challenges, it's always worth it in the end. 

Tiffany: Space is so many things for me, the inside of a home or the great outdoors. Having the opportunity to travel the world and embrace all that it offers is something truly special. It's also a question of adopting a mindful, clutter-free lifestyle because you can have ample space and fill it up with a lot of things that aren't always necessary. The Nordics do a really good job in this through their approach to minimalist living; their houses are cosy yet boast few simple designs. I recall the first time we went to Kilpisjarvi in the north of Finland. There was just snow everywhere, with rolling hills as far as the eye could see. Nothing else around, no one in sight. It was something quite unique, a special feeling I'm grateful for. I believe everybody should have a chance to explore such places in the wilderness and experience that luxury of space firsthand. 

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