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5 good reasons to spend your summer holidays in Alpe d'Huez

Summer holiday Alpe d'Huez Emerald Stay

Contemplative hiking in the middle of green spaces, strolls along the Ronde des Lacs, yoga at 3300 meters above sea level.

Date posted: 20 July 2022, 12:00am

Article length: 5 minutes

A winter sports destination par excellence, Alpe d'Huez has also earned an international reputation in the field of cycling thanks to the Tour de France. So there is every reason for cycling enthusiasts to choose this alpine resort for their summer vacations. But this is far from being the only (good) reason to stay there during the summer.

Still hesitating between several mountain destinations for your vacations? Here are 5 good reasons to choose an Alpe d'Huez accommodation for your next summer vacation.

Summer in Alpe d'Huez by Emerald Stay

Summer in Alpe d'Huez

Reason n°1: it’s always sunny, but rarely too hot

When a place has l’Île au Soleil (Island in the Sun) as its nickname, it's a good omen for a successful summer vacation. If the sun shines approximately 300 days a year in Alpe d’Huez, it’s definitely not during summer that it will sulk! With maximum temperatures of  25° in June,  28° in July,  27° in August and  22° in September, and a sun that shines between 8 and 12 hours a day during the same period, summer is the perfect season to practice outdoor activities and sports in this resort, without to fear the overwhelming heat! he most active as well as families with young children will be able to enjoy their days without interruption. 

Reason n°2:  activities to unwind and relax

To take your time to appreciate the present moment is one of the pleasures that an Alpe d’Huez accommodation offers you, through “slow” and mindful activities. Contemplative hiking in the middle of green spaces, strolls along the Ronde des Lacs, yoga at 3300 meters above sea level, paragliding above eternal snow, lounge evenings at the summit or a hike in the heart of the glacial mountain are all privileged moments, in communion with nature, that will delight the seasoned hikers as well as the less sporty among you. 

Yoga mountains Alpe d'Huez Emerald Stay

Yoga in the mountains

Reason n°3 : it’s the perfect moment to try whitewater activities

Are you looking for a refreshing activity for all your family? Head to the mountain rivers!

The Bourg-d’Oisans, located just a few kilometers from our Alpe d’Huez accommodations, is traversed by the Rive, a peaceful river that you can explore by canoeing or paddling, for a fun family outing. Children as young as 3 years old can safely embark with their parents.

About 15 minutes away, adults and children over 10 years old can choose a more active and refreshing activity by opting for a canyoning trip in Oz-en-Oisans. Suitable for all levels, the course offers options of varying difficulty composed of jumps and natural slides that will allow everyone to experience sensations that meet their expectations. 

Do you want more? It’s simple: head to Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans to practice rafting, hot dog (small canoe for 2 people), or hydrospeed in the invigorating and turquoise waters of Veneon.  Needless to say, it will be a great experience!  

Whitewater sports Alpe d'Huez Emerald Stay

Whitewater sports in Alpe d'Huez

Reason n°4 : it’s a cycling destination par excellence

In Alpe d’Huez, you will constantly pass by cars equipped with bike racks, because cycling is part of this resort’s DNA. All summer long, cyclists meet once a week to ride down the 21 legendary curves that make up the Tour de France route. Each Tuesday morning in July and August, part of the road is closed so that all two-wheels lovers can try it out in complete safety. There’s no starting time, no time limit, no registration for this friendly gathering of enthusiasts, only the pleasure of pedaling at one's own pace on a mythical route. 

Apart from this, there are several other bike activities that you can find if you opt for an Alpe d’Huez accommodation next summer. If you ride a Mountain bike, road bike or electric bike, you can, depending on your level and your desires, participate in group rides, mini camps for the young ones, or even go out on a solo adventure in the marked mountain bike routes.

Cycling Alpe d'Huez Emerald Stay

Cycling in Alpe d'Huez

Reason n°5 : there’s always something going on

We understand you:  at first glance, a stay at an Alpe d'Huez accommodation might not seem as cool as a trip to Ibiza, but the four-season resort has focused on its summer program so that your mountain vacations are as fun and trendy in summer as in winter. 

In terms of activities, you can challenge yourself in groups on giant buoys. This new adrenaline-filled sliding activity, called tubing, can be practiced at all ages from 3 years old. Equally exciting, sledding on rails with a virtual reality goggles will allow you to multiply tenfold the sensations felt on the Bergers' slopes by making you travel in a thrilling parallel universe.

And when it comes to events, the summer schedule again favors sports, with a whole week dedicated to the Megavalanche: the famous  mountain bike marathon descent that happens in Alpe d’Huez in the end of June/beginning of July since 1995! It is followed by the Megavalanche Trail, a version dedicated to experienced runners: two hours of hellish race to cover the 21 km of trail that separates the Pic Blanc glacier at 3300m above sea level from the Oisans Valley, at 700 meters above sea level.

Other exciting summer events: the Fitness Convention and the Festival of Sport and Well-Being for Women. The first one takes place every year in Alpe d’Huez and brings together, for 3 days, dozens of fitness instructors, choreographers and dancers to meet participants who are very motivated to unwind through the rhythms of salsa, hiphop, or dancehall. The second event, unique in Europe, brings together (also for 3 days) exhibitors who talk about nutrition, health and well-being through a diversified set of wellness activities (yoga, massage, dance, spa…) and sports activities (mountain biking, hiking, running, biathlon, obstacle course…).

Apart from all these sports events, the resort also welcomes several shows and concerts all summer long, and especially during the festivities month - July 14th to August 15th. Consider asking for the official programme at the Tourism Office once you arrive!

Do you want to spend your summer in Alpe d’Huez? This is the moment to book your apartment!

We offer you seven fabulous apartments in the heart of this Alpine resort, to make the most of your summer holidays. You will appreciate their comfort, contemporary and warm decor, and the views over the Oisans mountains! Your enjoyment is guaranteed!

Wait no more to check availability and book your stay in Alpe d’Huez!

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