Ski in Pays du Mont Blanc

Two ski areas for a unique escape!

Winter season 2023/2024

Last season, skiers enjoyed the slopes in Pays du Mont Blanc from December 17th to March 26th.

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The ski domain

The Mont Blanc region is home to two of the largest ski resorts in the French Alps: Evasion Mont Blanc and Portes du Mont Blanc. A postcard-perfect setting for skiing at the foot of Europe's highest peak.

Ski in Pays du Mont Blanc with Emerald Stay

Why ski in the Pays du Mont Blanc?

In the Pays du Mont Blanc, you can ski on kilometres of pistes accessible to all levels. There are so many snow-covered slopes here because the Pays du Mont Blanc is home to 7 ski resorts and encompasses two of the largest ski areas in the Alps: Evasion Mont Blanc and Portes du Mont Blanc.

Skiing in the Mont Blanc region means :

  • 56 ski lifts and 120 runs at Saint-Gervais, including 24 green, 36 blue, 43 red and 17 black runs

  • 84 ski lifts and 187 runs in Megeve, including 35 green, 54 blue, 72 red and 26 black runs

  • 18 lifts and 24 runs in Servoz, including 4 green, 6 blue, 12 red and 2 black runs

  • 25 lifts and 48 runs at Les Contamines-Montjoie, including 8 green, 12 blue, 19 red and 9 black runs

  • 8 lifts and 9 runs at Passy, including 3 green, 3 blue and 3 red

  • 29 lifts and 65 runs at Combloux, including 11 green, 17 blue, 29 red and 8 black runs

  • 7 lifts and 10 runs at Cordon, including 2 green, 3 blue and 6 red

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Where to ski in the Mont Blanc region?

The charming resort of Megeve is perfect for novice skiers. It's the ideal place to take up downhill skiing, with a huge number of runs to suit all levels. And all in a friendly, family atmosphere! You can make gentle progress on the Dames and Blanche Neige green runs, accessible via the 7 Nains ski lift. An equally pleasant atmosphere awaits you at Mont d'Arbois, particularly on the famous Les Mandarines green run.

For more intense thrills, you can head for the Pylônes red run, which offers a great playground. Experienced skiers will appreciate the technical challenge of the Student runs. For the more experienced skiers looking for an exceptional view, at an altitude of 2,353 metres, the summit of Mont Joly has an intense black run, as well as a more accessible red run.

Among the most legendary runs in the area are the black run at the Descente stadium on Côte 2000, the Emile Allais black run and the Grevettaz black run at Les Contamines.

Saint-Gervais is another ski resort with a lot to offer. Thanks to its ideal location in the Évasion Mont Blanc area, you can ski to and from the resort.

Intermediate skiers will love the two blue runs, La Finance and Les Clementines, which offer pleasant turns and breathtaking views.

As for the more experienced, the red Grande Epaule run is a must, not least for its unobstructed views of Mont Blanc. They can also try their hand at the steepness of the black Princesse piste or the pleasant variations of the black Chamois piste.

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With the kids

At Les Contamines-Montjoie, beginners can take it easy on the Nivorin and Loyers runs or the fun green run at Les Ecureuils. The Ludo Park offers a fun family run.

Since 2005, Combloux is recognized as "Famille Plus Montagne" label. This means that, in addition to its facilities for the very young, it offers access to the slopes for everyone, including the very young. The Gentiane blue run, for example, is ideal for family skiing and the Petite blanche fun run is perfect for beginners.

Your children can also take advantage of the l'Ours des pres play area, which offers access to a large number of modules and small obstacles to help them learn while having fun. It extends over the whole of the Les Dames green run, giving your little skiers the chance to build up their confidence.

Saint-Gervais, which has been awarded the "Famille Plus" label, also has facilities to give your children their first thrills. The Charlotte la Marmotte play area is ideal for perfecting technique and having fun at the same time. It offers a complete boardercross area with a video zone so that everyone can go home with an unforgettable memory.

Megeve's youngest visitors are also catered for: the Village des Lutins offers a lively atmosphere for walkers and skiers of all ages. Giant toboggans, a snow tubing run, goblin huts and much more are all part of this family-friendly area.

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Other sports

Skiing isn't the only winter activity on offer in the Mont-Blanc region. Mushing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, snowboarding and more are all available at the resorts in the area.

The Portes du Mont Blanc ski resort has 2 boardercross trails and 3 snowparks, so there's plenty to tempt thrill seekers and other winter sports enthusiasts! If that's not enough, the Évasion Mont Blanc resorts, particularly Saint-Gervais and Megeve, also have plenty of fun to offer.

The red Combloux boardercross, located on the Ambourzalles run from the Pertuis chairlift, is 800 metres long and has a drop of 150 metres.

The Torraz Snowpark in La Giettaz, practically in the middle of nowhere, lets you enjoy an exceptional snow session while admiring the 360° panorama of the Aravis mountains and Mont Blanc.

In Megeve, you can choose whether you want to try new snow sports, improve your skills or try out new tricks in complete safety. The Rochebrune freestyle area, the Waidzai park, the Freestyle Air Bag or the Quattro Video Experience (a filmed cross-country run) are all top-notch facilities.

Lastly, the Mont-Joux snow park in Saint-Gervais offers a boardercross area that is accessible to both experienced riders and children. It's the perfect way to share unforgettable moments with the whole family. And don't miss the resort's Big Airbag - it's well worth the distraction!

Ski in Pays du Mont Blanc with Emerald Stay

Freerside version

In most of the resorts in the Mont Blanc region, safe zones have been set up for freeride enthusiasts. What's more, the Portes du Mont Blanc ski area leaves some red and black runs in powder during heavy snowfalls for off-piste enthusiasts. You can recognise these areas quite easily by the "Zone ski nature" sign at the start of the piste.

Freeriding requires great care. Equipment such as avalanche transceivers, shovels and probes are essential for all freeriders. But it's just as important to know how to use them!

That's why, at the top of the Alpette, the DVA Parc offers you the opportunity to learn all the skills needed to find victims of avalanches. You'll benefit from the expert advice of experienced avalanche rescuers to make sure you learn everything you need to know. Once you've mastered the rescue techniques, you'll be ready to take on the freeride slopes of the Mont-Blanc region.

Ski in Pays du Mont Blanc with Emerald Stay

Nordic version

For Nordic skiing fans, the Mont-Blanc region has just the thing! In the Combloux resort, for example, there are two trails for beginners. For more experienced skiers, Les Contamines and Megeve have something for everyone.

Whether classic or skating, the Combloux trails are a good way to warm up. On one side, you'll find a 3km green track with a 100m drop. On the other side, there's a 2.5km blue track, also with a 100m climb. Allow about an hour for each of these routes.

The Évasion Mont Blanc ski area also offers a number of other, more extensive sites. Megeve Côte 2000 offers no less than 40 km of classic and skating trails. At Les Contamines, you can enjoy around 25 km of tracks through clearings and fir trees.

You can also enjoy the 10 km between Encraty and Mont-d'Arbois or the 15 km of prepared tracks to Le Bettex via Saint-Nicolas de Veroce. And if you want to take full advantage of the beauty of the surrounding countryside and vary your activities, snowshoe trekking is particularly suitable for several loops.

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