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We are a one-stop-shop for family offices, real estate funds and entrepreneurial owners who want to monetise their premium investment homes on the short-term accommodation market in total peace of mind. 


An exclusive lease
Emerald® standards
Marketing & distribution
Hospitality operations
Legal and insured

1. Sign an exclusive lease with us for a yearly period

2. We host our clients for nightly or weekly stays with extra hospitality services: concierge, food & beverage, activities

3. We handle the hard work: operations, marketing, maintenance. 

4. Each quarter, earn your share of revenue

5. You want to stay in your home? Book online and only pay the cleaning fees. 

In order to guarantee Emerald® standards to our clients, your home and its equipments are to respect our guidelines, such as mattress thickness and kitchen equipment. 

In most cases, you invested so much time and money that no improvements are needed. Else, benefit from our wholesale prices on a range of branded furniture and equipment.

We market and distribute your home on multiple channels in order to maximise revenue. These include:

Online: we carefully select online agencies and marketplaces ranging from well-known (Expedia, Airbnb) to regional players. These channels cover more than 130 countries.

Offline: our team has decades of relationships with specialized agencies ranging from corporate stays, luxury travel to international concierge networks.

Corporate: we organise off-sites and incentive trips for clients ranging from start-ups to multinationals.

Partnerships: we partner with international brands for special events and marketing initiatives. 

We have developed a strong know-how in adapting hospitality operations of luxury hotels to the peculiarities of private homes:

  • Staff: depending on the size of your home, we either dedicated private staff to it, or share staff with our other homes in the neighbourhood. 
  • Emerald® academy: all our operational teams undergo specific training in order to be accustomed to our standard operating procedures and brand standards.
  • Emerald® standards: we brand your home and equip it with our virtual concierge on a tablet and our exclusive linen, towels and toiletries
  • Technology: we use best-in-class technology for automations, coordination and the sharing of best practices.

Our operations are 100% legal and we always comply to local regulations. We pay all taxes related to short-term rental operations (VAT, city taxes, income taxes) and actively support local communities.

We partner with Allianz® in order to insure your home and our clients against any potential liabilities related to short-term accommodation rental. 

Welcome To The New Economy

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Our mission is to help you reap the rewards of the short-term accommodation market without all the hard work associated with it.

Stays in private homes is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry and is expected to grow by 7% per year to an expected $200bn by 2021.

Since the early days of Airbnb ten years ago, the market has become very sophisticated and clients more demanding than ever. We can help you increase revenue for your home by up to 40% compared to amateur solutions.