How are you different from Airbnb?

While Airbnb is a marketplace, we are an end-to-end tech-enabled hospitality company that provides full services to guests and property owners.

We serve friends, families and business teams looking for short stays in premium homes, with consistency across multiple destinations. We deploy our own team on the ground to upgrade properties to our standards and to run them like a hotel, controlling the guest experience from A to Z. Our team also provides extra hospitality services and does in-person-troubleshooting, not only via an online chat, whatsapp or over the phone.

Do you offer extra services?

Yes. Providing consistent and high-quality accommodation across multiple destinations is only part of what we do. We also offer a range of services ranging from food and beverage to local activities and organization of special events like birthday parties. We also organise incentive trips or offsites for business teams ranging from startups to multinationals like Google and Nielsen.

How come I can also find your properties on Airbnb, Booking.com and elsewhere?

We are not only a website or distributor. We actually own our homes through long-term leases with their owners, to which we provide an end-to-end solution to run their homes like a hotel. So our job is to attract as many guests through all relevant channels. While we do a good job at attracting guests directly, we also partner up with existing online and offline distribution channels in order to reach more guests. But while you may be booking through these third-party channels, ultimately, we will still be your host and responsible for your experience before, during and after your stay.

Are you legal?

Not only are we legal, we proud ourselves of playing an active role in the communities we operate in. We pay tourist taxes, VAT, local income taxes, and social taxes on our employees. More importantly, we also provide locals with entry-level jobs in an enjoyable and modern working environment with ongoing training and growth opportunities.